By Jim Blancet
We’ve mentioned before Amazon’s intention to use drones to deliver packages in the near future. Well, that plan hit a snag recently when theFAA proposed rules that drones need to remain in the line of sight of whoever is at the controls. This would nix any immediate plans to use drones over great expanses.
Now, it’s probable that this is a rule that will evolve in the future, as regulators adapt to forthcoming technologies and situations. For now, though, one of the top lingering questions remains, and that is the question of how drones make the leap from primarily existing in the realm of hobbyists into the commercial world of business and retail.
The line between hobby and commerce is thin, but the distinction is important. While hobbyists tend to follow the guidelines of the AMA(Academy of Model Aeronautics), professional commercial drone operators would be subject to the FAA and its latest restrictions.
Aside from remaining within the operator’s line of vision, drones will be banned from flying at night, beyond an altitude of 500 feet, or (generally) over top of unsuspecting people.
These rules are fairly simple, and that should help solve one of theFAA’s biggest problems—spreading the word about the rules and establishing a more compliant culture amongst drone enthusiasts, particularly the ones focused on the commercial possibilities.
The technological advancements remain fascinating, and following the progress of the cultural integration is developing into an interesting side story, as well. At SIO, we deal with these issues everyday, merging technology with people in an effort to improve the workplace in every way imaginable. Join us, won’t you? It’s the forefront of fun!

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