You could call the passionate story behind L.V. Harkness a family affair. Lamon Vanderburg Harkness had a desire for the finer things in life even in the 1800s. L.V. began his career in cattle and land, and later ventured into the oil business with his father. After purchasing Walnut Hall Stock Farm in 1891, L.V. began to travel all over the world acquiring luxurious and unique items to decorate his homes.

Today, Meg Jewett-Leavitt, his great-granddaughter, has inherited L.V.'s thirst for adventure, travel, and finding treasures in the most unexpected of places. It is Meg's spice for life that makes L.V. Harkness the gem that is today. Located in the heart of downtown Lexington on 531 West Short Street, the chic shoppe reminds you more of a store you would see in Beverly Hills or even Paris rather than a charming Southern town. With a variety of items from home goods to gifts for every occasion, L.V. Harkness is a treasure within itself. 
If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting the store, then put it on your 'must see' list immediately. Until then, you can visit their website, which is stocked full of goodies for the ladies, gentlemen or children in your life. 

Posted on 2015-03-19 by Jesse L. Brooks