One of my dearest, most fabulous lifelong girlfriends will disagree with what I am about to submit. However, it will no doubt lead to an interesting, healthy debate over a margarita at girl’s night out, so I am just fine with our difference in opinion. You see, she is an avid believer that once a person has found himself or herself in the “friendship box”, there is no chance for a future romantic relationship. Nope. Nadda. No way Jose’ will a kiss be had. Not to mention one iota of frisky, naughty, heart racing romance. NOT MISTER OR MS. FRIEND. NOT going to happen.
There was a time when I agreed with this sentiment and compartmentalized the issue as black and white. Mostly because in my youth I had a black and white version of love, which, ironically, was as vivid and colorful as one could imagine. It was a big delicious love cake made of soulful flour, tasty ingredients baked just perfectly, sprinkled with the sweetest sugar available. 
As the years traveled by, it turned out I was a pretty terrible baker. Either choosing someone with... entirely too much sugar, not enough time spent baking... or over-cooked beyond belief; my love cakes were less than desirable every single time. 
Many of us can come together with culinary love battles and although each story might be slightly different, the end result is often the same. One ugly, pitiful cake after another. 
And who was there to gently scrape us out of the burnt pans of which we were left in a thousand crumbled pieces? Who wiped away our tears and reminded us that we had perfectly imperfect tools for the most unique fondue available to mankind?
MISTER OR MS. FRIEND. The one who might not have had the sexy icing sliding down the love cake. And perhaps whose steam has never frosted your set of glasses after the crazy amount of time basking in the heat. 
But what if this little friend muffin turns out... evenly and consistently yummy... every single time? 
I often refer to old folks madly in love as the sweetest lil’ raisins ever. Because, at some point...a person who truly understands you means everything. So much more than the youthful physical passions that fall... short with time. Just like a great cake, we humans find that our parts eventually droop and sag. However, what remains can be something quite beautiful.
Consistency might not be as exciting as spontaneity. But it equals SAFE. Goofy is certainly not as sinful as seduction. But it equals HONESTY.  Sweetness may not feel as intoxicating as naughty. But it equals LOVE.
Thus the perfect ingredients just might be, two old friends who are now madly in love. People who take care of each other. Who protect, admire and adore each other. Perhaps the perfect love can come from a best friend. Those best friend’s who aren’t afraid to look at a ‘naysayer’ and say, “Honey, be extra sweet to him today, because this afternoon his cheese isn’t fitting fairly and squarely on the cracker. So you better be nice or I’ll bite your head right off.” Yes, my friends, I suggest...every now and then, you get to have your cake and eat it too. Just sayin’. 

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