Let’s take a look at our version of the tummy tuck. Before Surgery (top photo)
Most of the changes in the abdomen are due to pregnancy and weight fluctuations. 

During pregnancy, the muscles separate to allow room for the baby. Afterward, they remain separated in the midline which gives a persistent bulge to the abdomen. Although exercise can strengthen the muscles, it cannot make them go back together in the midline. 
Extra skin accumulates during pregnancy, and also due to weight fluctuations. Although skin has the ability to shrink with weight loss, the amount of shrinkage possible is usually less than desired, so some excess remains.
Usually, there is also some extra fat in the hips which has accumulated over time. It is important to address this during the tummy tuck procedure so that a good shape is achieved from all viewpoints. 
After Surgery (bottom photo)
The patient shown here is only three months after surgery, however it can take up to six months for complete maturity of the result. So, this patient may achieve additional contour improvement especially in the lower abdomen and around the belly button over the next three months. 
The abdominal contour is flat due to tightening of the muscles. This acts like an internal corset. In the iTuck® procedure, a long acting numbing medication is used during surgery to provide significant pain relief from this otherwise uncomfortable portion of the procedure. 
The extra skin has been removed permanently which eliminates the upper and lower abdominal skin rolls. Although traditional tummy tucks require placement of drains after surgery, the iTuck® procedure eliminates the need for drains by use of progressive tension sutures to secure the skin flap and prevent fluid collection underneath it. 
Power-assisted liposuction of the hip area is a standard portion of our iTuck® procedure to provide an improved contour of this area. As a final element of pain control a Sof-Pulse® transmitter is placed external to the surgical dressings to decrease inflammation and pain. 
The iTuck® procedure addresses all three of the abdominal layers, skin, fat, and muscle, to yield an improved contour while minimizing pain and recovery compared to traditional procedures.


Posted on 2015-05-01 by David S. Kirn, M.D., F.A.C.S.