If you are into 3D printing at all, you are probably familiar with MakerBot’s giant catalog of user-generated designs. From gadgets to just plain fun stuff and toys, this is the place to check out what some of the 3D community is working on at any given time.
Now MakerBot has partnered with 3D Hubs in an effort to promote the technology to a wider audience. The partnership streamlines the average user’s ability to take advantage of 3D technology on a first-hand basis.
SIO’s business strategy closely related to this way of thinking. We enjoy bringing new technology to our clients: data storage, data security, data management—you name it. In fact, if you have 3D printing questions, we can consult you on those, as well. We’re all about improving our clients’ situations by opening doors to new tech.
Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of this MakerBot story is simply how it demonstrates how 3D printing is continuing to evolve. As more and more businesses team up and share technology, the effect will be an increase in users amongst the general population.
Here at SIO, we’ve been tinkering away at creating an old school gas can nozzle with our 3D printer. Manufacturing your own replacement parts is one of the most practical uses for 3D printers, and we’re all over it here in the home lab.
And frankly it’s very exciting solving a problem like that in-house. What once was impossible is now within reach due to 3D printing and some good old-fashioned innovation.


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