In the tech world of today, new methods of communication are constantly becoming available. People are striving for a quick response which will accomplish their goal. This may be acceptable in certain situations but nothing will ever take the place of a sincere, well thought out correspondence on the best of fine stationery. It speaks volumes for the social skills of the sender.
Your stationery is a reflection of who you are. It is the impression you make on others. Order a basic white or ecru fold over or note card for your thank you notes. Keep it simple for a good beginning. Traditionally, social stationery will feature your name, initials, monogram or family crest. The envelope can have a return address printed or left plain. Any of these choices is an appropriate method of personalizing your correspondence.
Monograms first became popular during the Victorian era when they were engraved as a family mark on fine silver. Today, monograms have reached an all-time high in popularity among all age groups. The concept of monogramming has expanded to include many new and imaginative forms. Creative individuals are using them on clothing, cars, cakes, jewelry and linens. It is difficult to identify an item that cannot be monogrammed. People are even engaging the services of a design professional to create a custom monogram that is truly unique. 
Claudia Engle of Lexington began her career by mastering the fine art of calligraphy. It was a natural progression into the design of custom monogramming.
With personalized notes ready, how do you train or discipline yourself to write the thank you note? Preparing a pleasant note writing area can be an incentive. Reward yourself so it becomes a choice not a chore. To do this, move your desk into the prettiest, most pleasant room in your house preferably near a sunny window. Collect several of your favorite accessories to place on the desk. Include a scented candle, a place for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and a few books with inspirational titles. Nearby, your favorite artwork will enhance and calm your inner feelings and thoughts. Add a comfortable desk chair and the setting will turn a task into a pleasure.
A thank you note should be sent as soon as possible after receiving an act of kindness. Notes are sent to express appreciation and gratitude. If you are uncertain whether to send a thank you note, the answer is to always, send one! The length of the note is not of such importance as the receipt of the note. A bridal consultant lamented on how frequently she receives an inquiry regarding the shipping info for a wedding gift. Brides and Grooms are responsible for a prompt response. What should be done if someone hasn’t written a thank you note when considerable time has passed? Ann Landers has written on this question many times. Her response has consistently been – note writing is “Better late than never!”

Posted on 2015-05-13 by Sue Ann Truitt