Trends are just that, trends. They go in cycles, and what is cycling back in groom’s cakes is a move to elegant, more traditional creations. Even though the tradition is centuries old, this time they are updated, stylish, and enlarged to rival the actual wedding cake in claiming the center of attention on your wedding day buffet. These cakes, typically in chocolate, can be absolutely magnificent, and very manly. 
The Artful Groom’s Cake in Rich Chocolate
The ‘Chi-Chi’ set and high-end wedding planners are beginning to say no to whimsical grooms cakes. Especially if your wedding is very elegant and in a beautiful venue, carting in a cake that looks like a motorcycle can be off-putting to your theme. I love the more artful ‘new’ grooms cakes as they can be confectionery works of art, incorporating angles and geometric designs and interesting finishes and that are inherently masculine, and so cool. 
Along with the strong colors of mocha and dark chocolate, embellishments for design driven men’s cakes are divine and different, from chocolate truffles, large shavings of rich chocolate, chocolate candy bits and chocolate dipped strawberries. Fresh, richly colored fruit is magnificent when decorating a decadent chocolate creation. Look for examples of sculpted chocolate that serve as either the foundation or the finish of these beauties.
You Can Choose ‘Shades of Grey’
If you wish to move away from a chocolate finished cake to add a little interest, the colors from the experts for these new groom’s cakes include icing and decorating them in black, blue, silver or shades of grey. Highlights of metallic icing make these designs sparkle. The groom’s cake is also where you can pull in bold colors easily – possibly the colors of your wedding party or theme, which may be too jarring on your main wedding cake. 
Remember the Booze
A nod to the years-old tradition of adding liquor to the grooms cake, don’t leave it out in your current day decadent cake. Liquor adds so much taste and moisture that your guests will just have to have ‘one of each’. If he has a liquor of choice, like Kentucky Bourbon or Jamaican Rum, tell your baker to use it in his special confection.
What to Choose? Look to the Groom
When choosing a groom’s cake style, consider the feel of your wedding, and keep your groom in mind. A very conservative guy, or one that art and style are important, may prefer an elegant, artful groom’s cake to one that is whimsical and may poke a little fun at him. You know him best. Plus, your duo of elegant cakes will make magnificent wedding photos. The decision is a piece of cake. 


Posted on 2015-05-07 by Marsha Koller