Almost all extraordinary things take time to become extraordinary. Thus, “they are not referred to as…“ordinary”. I have yet to eat a delicious garden ripe yellow pepper, tomato or watermelon that did not take a substantial amount of planning, cultivating and special care to achieve the status of spectacular. A splendid statue requires hundreds of hours of sculpting, a beautiful painting requires thousands of well-executed brush strokes, a professional basketball player requires years of hard work and sweat. Even an extraordinary Dolly Parton hairdo takes a vision, many tools, tons of passion and…time. 
This is a well-known fact and the human brain seems quite comfortable accepting the notion. Very seldom do we observe people trying to defy such obvious aspects of reality. I have never witnessed anybody complain because a watermelon seed didn’t produce a watermelon in two days. 
So why do we have such a difficult time understanding that relationships take time to evolve? It appears that so often…passion trumps logic. Creams it as a matter of fact.  A long, delicious kiss…butterflies flying around in a heart struck tummy and crazy endorphins are clearly serious stuff to contend with. On the one hand, who cares if a relationship jets through life like a Nascar driver on a crazy track? Time will eventually catch up, right? 
Perhaps it will, but at what expense? Well, let me provide an important example of why it is important to take your time… For one thing, when you become involved in a romantic, committed relationship it seriously affects everybody close to you in life. This isn’t just your situation. If Mr. or Ms. Right turns out to be Mr. or Ms. Right Now…your peeps get to deal with the repercussions…minus the long delicious kisses, butterflies and endorphins. 
Not to mention, you get to feel like a complete idiot if your superhero turns out to be the town villan, a drunk, or bizarre weirdo. And time is the only true indicator of those things. Human nature dictates that typically people are on their best behavior in the early stages of everything. When the new is gone and a sense of safe sets in, this is when you will actually meet your mate. 
Take your sweet time. This is the fun part!!! Stretch it out as long as you can! No sense in rushing…if it is real love, it’s more important than any painting, vegetable or sculpture you’ll ever have. If it isn’t the real deal, at least you will spare yourself, friends and family many drama free moments. 
Like a fantastic Dolly Parton hairdo takes time…love also takes time and is worth the wait. 


Posted on 2015-05-13 by Buffy Lawson