At SIO, we service all kinds of different business types covering every industry you could imagine. Basically, if a business has any type of computer plugged into the grid, there’s a good chance we can help.
That said, there are some business types where our assistance is more than just helpful or convenient—sometimes it’s downright mandatory. That’s because a lot of companies are subject to data compliance regulations. These rules require a certain manner of handling data, and SIO has the expertise to manage this with ease.
First, you get peace of mind because SIO utilizes two secured data centers. Some of our competitors only utilize one. This sort of attention to detail and redundancy is a point of pride here, and it affords us the ultimate in confidence when we provide services to our clients.
Plus, we offer amazingly flexible plans. We know what it’s like to be a small business just starting out. You need to be scaled appropriately so that you’re not paying for service you don’t yet need, while still maintaining top-level security and data backup.
Mishandling data can result in expensive fines or worse. Place your trust with SIO for all your data retention needs. You’ll sleep better at night.

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Posted on 2015-05-05 by Jim Blancet