If you’ve followed our blog with any regularity, you know that we like to talk about 3D printing, as well as developments with drone technology. And while these technologies certainly intrigue us intellectually, we really love to dig in and perform our own first-hand experiments.
And whether we’re printing or flying, it’s always with one eye on the present and the other eye on the future. That’s the best approach when it comes to technology because you can make improvements and adjustments for future endeavors even as you enjoy the current project.
I guess it’s only natural to begin to mix 3D printing with drones. For one reason, 3D printing allows for rapid prototyping. Another reason is that 3D printing technology is accessible to the average designer and inventor. Furthermore, 3D printing allows for a lightweight and perfectly balanced drone.
Today through Thursday, 3D print and drone enthusiasts alike will be attending Rapidand the Space Tech Expo in Long Beach, CA. Consumer drones, manufactured in whole or in part by 3D printers, will be among the many attractions during this tech-filled week.
At SIO, we take tomorrow’s technology leaps seriously because that’s how we keep our customers ahead of the curve. A client partnership with SIO helps ensure that your company will have every available technology advantage in the coming years, and that goes a long way in staving off the competition and giving your company a priceless edge.

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Posted on 2015-05-19 by Jim Blancet