In the heart of downtown Paris sits a chic little bath & body shop by the cute and catchy name of Ooh La La. The company started with the goal to provide quality bath and body products to their customers, as well as introduce them to new things in the world of beauty and personal care. Even though the store only opened 2 years ago, the company's interest in bath and body started long before 2013. Being in Paris, to get high quality products the locals would have to drive at least 45 miles. So, with a little ingenuity, the Ooh La La team created their business and perused their dream.
With a series of camping trips, the ladies decided to use their loving husbands as guinea pigs for their products. And before they knew it their creations were selling to more than just friends and family. Ditching their camper for a lovely storefront, they now have a spot to make and sell their products. Offering a wide range of items for women, men, and even children, the shop has a little something for everyone. The door is always open to browse and product chat, you can even help make something of your very own.
Ooh La La is located at 703 Main St. in Paris, for hours and more information, call (859) 988-1118 or visit them online.

Posted on 2015-05-29 by Jesse L. Brooks