For the past decade, the notion of the cloud and its various attributes and uses has become … well … (forgive me) cloudy. It almost seems that for each person who speaks or writes about the cloud, there is a slightly different meaning being conveyed.
In fact, the notion of cloud computing is so abstract for novices that it isn’t unusual for me to field a question about what the cloud actually is. And for those who think they know all about the cloud, they occasionally use terms interchangeably that actually mean slightly different things.
What this leads to is confusion, and confusion eventually fuels misinformation and a failure to act on important business matters. This brings us back around to your data.
Do you have cloud storage? More than likely you do. You probably back up lots of important files.
But do you back up everything to your cloud storage? Probably the answer here is “no” because you either don’t take the time to upload all your files or you don’t have the space available in your cloud storage account.
At SIO, we’re sensitive to this scenario. Not only do we provide all the cloud storage you need, but we also (more importantly) can take care of all your cloud backup needs, as well. We’re talking full, continuous storage of your company’s files. And that kind of protection is the kind that can help prevent a possible legal or financial disaster.
Let SIO provide your cloud backup solutions. It’s the smart move.

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Posted on 2015-05-26 by Jim Blancet