Metal is one of the hottest buzzes in 3D printing. Replacing the casting process and CNC machines means unleashing design creativity when it comes to geometry and exciting new product shapes.
American Standard Brands has new 3D-printed faucet designs. RocketLab is cranking out copper rocket engine parts for the space industry. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office is making intricate circular hot gas diffuser parts.
Basically, considering how widespread 3D printing has become, pick any industry, and there is most likely some innovation taking place with regard to 3D printing and metal. And while plastic is exciting in its own way, adding metal to the mix further expands the potential of 3D printing.
Reducing prototype times, as well as the time it takes to replace existing product parts, shortens the overall timeline of innovation. It also cuts costs, which can be a game changer for any aspiring inventor or entrepreneur.
As we continue to track new developments in 3D printing, it’s clear that adoption is increasing, and innovations are coming at a faster rate all the time. Expect this trend to continue and for all of us to reap the benefits, whether at the top level or simply at the consumer level.

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Posted on 2015-06-09 by Jim Blancet