There are several main considerations when it comes to email. You want it to be easy to use. Email needs to be secure and backed up, too. Plus, you want email that you can take with you on the go.
Years ago, desktop email clients were more common than they are today, but they posed certain problems. The email wasn’t backed up and stored offsite anywhere. Syncing between multiple devices became a real pain, too. Plus, people lost email due to service provider changes and job loss.
It was also very common for companies to host their own email via an in-house server and an IT team to manage the persistent threat of spam and security issues. These days, wise business owners know to come straight to SIO to solve their business email needs. SIO achieves this through hosting a Zimbra Collaboration Suite.
With our email solution, you have email that is not only easy to use but also packed with innovative tools for quick access and different ways of communicating. You get full support, too, meaning that your email is safe, easy to access from just about any device, and backed up so that you won’t risk losing it.
So if security, flexibility, and mobility are important to you and your business, contact SIO and ask about our outstanding email hosting solutions.

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Posted on 2015-06-16 by Jim Blancet