The FEAST exhibit that opened on May 22nd features art inspired by the processes, rituals, cultural influences and personal experiences of food. Throughout the exhibit one can experience a broad range of art including painting, photography, collage, video and installation pieces that open your eyes to the extreme influences that food brings to an individual and throughout culture. By using something as familiar as food for the subject matter, the artists are able to expose these issues and make them more accessible and tangible to the viewer. 
Artists, like Kirsten Stolle, depict hybrid imagery of chemical companies and food and how you can take something familiar and manipulate it. It provides new perspectives on contemporary, scientific issues that are explained through mixed media collage. Other pieces, like Sarah Spradlin's Picnic at the Old Lagoon, reflect on happy memories where family and friends gather over a meal and share inside jokes. The range of emotions that run through the artwork of FEAST provide the viewer with moments of happy reflection, historical education, and thought-provoking insight. Installation artist, Chee Wang Ng, displays a hallway-long piece that is sprinkled with broken china and cow-creamers collected from around the world. This seemingly happy piece delves into the dark and dramatic history of Chinese migrants and their struggles throughout the past. Chee's piece touches on international issues and historic incidents for the Chinese including lynching, human trafficking, life as a minority and cultural struggles. 
The FEAST exhibit is filled with a variety of art that will interest the viewer, but given the opportunity, one can gain so much more through the understanding of the pieces. Small details that twist the familiar and provide thought-provoking changes are seen throughout the exhibit. Something seemingly ordinary at first glance actually inflicts a much deeper meaning once discovered. This can range from the scientific approach of Karen Gustafson's ink drawings featuring raw versus processed food; her piece features detailed drawings of the food as seen through a scanning electron microscope, providing an elemental perspective of our everyday meals. To Caren Garfen's dress, hand-stitched with human hair that painfully shares the personal story of Anna's struggle with anorexia and her desire to take control of her own life. Pile andSelf Service by Kenneth Eric Adams explore the social and cultural aspects of sugar consumption in our diet. The artists of FEAST visually take the viewer on an exciting journey that enriches the soul as much as food enriches our lives. 
The FEAST exhibit will be available through August 9th at the Loudoun House. Visitors are welcome to come by during regular gallery hours to view the exhibit. 
Tuesday - Thursday: 10AM - 4 PM
Friday: 10AM - 8 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 1 - 4 PM
Upcoming event associated with the FEAST exhibit include:
Fourth Friday Family Picnic: July 24, 6 -9 PM
For more information please visit our website: or contact Stephanie Harris at [email protected]

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