IT infrastructure is expensive. Partnering with SIO actually ends up saving you money because you avoid purchasing your own servers, making costly repairs to hardware, coming up with your own backup solutions (on site and off), and losing money to downtime because of a lack of redundancy.
That’s right. At first, you might wonder about outsourcing and whether it could complicate your business model. With SIO, this couldn’t be further from the truth because we integrate customized solutions that will create efficiencies within your organization without making you pay for services you don’t need.
Plus, when you tally up the cost of buying your own servers and paying for the upkeep and maintenance, you’ll quickly realize that partnering with SIO is a much better deal, and it’s all headache-free! Why? Because SIO has the expertise to keep your files backed up and your machines updated and secure.
Stay up to date and secure by switching to SIO’s cloud-based services. When you do, your business will be instantly transformed into a technological powerhouse without any of the typical start-up cost of an in-house job. And with all of the maintenance, structure, and service handled by SIO, the decision is easy. Call us today!

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Posted on 2015-07-07 by Jim Blancet