With plenty of positive trends taking place in a world-class landscape, it’s no wonder Lexington is a rising star among mid-sized communities.
While working on this feature for our community issue, Petula Clark’s voice has been playing in the back of my head. “When you’re alone / And life is making you lonely / You can always go… downtown.” So, with Petula as my spirit guide, I set off to discover what’s new and exciting in downtown Lexington. 
In the past, our city’s growth could best be described as more of a trot than a gallop. But for the last few years, the pace has been quickening. If you’re paying even a little bit of attention, you’ll have noticed the steady stream of freshly opened restaurants, bars, retailers, service providers, and cultural attractions. And construction. Lots of construction.
According to Jeff Fugate, President of the Downtown Development Authority, “Lexington residents know there has been a great deal of new development and construction, but may be unaware just how much is being invested in the area. (We are) in an enviable economic position. We have a highly educated workforce plus a talent pool of more than 43,000 college students. There are not many cities our size on such a strong growth trajectory.” 
For a mid-size city, the numbers are pretty staggering. According to the Authority’s March 2015 Market Inventory, over $1 billion in new projects has been recently completed, is underway, or is in pre-development stages. 
Since we’re a close-knit city, there is often talk and speculation about what’s in progress and what’s to come. We spoke to a number of developers, city officials and local merchants to bring you the latest. 

Posted on 2015-08-11 by Michelle Aiello