When David and Lisah Barbour decided to move from their Palomar home to Clay’s Crossing, they enlisted the help of interior designer Ed Botkin of Petra Designs – someone they’ve had a great, long-term working relationship with, and who they trusted to make their dreams a reality.  “I first met David and Lisah 15 or 20 years ago when I worked on their home in Palomar,”
Ed explained. The Barbour’s contracted with Kelley Beasley Homes to build the home, and Ed worked with David and Lisah to select just about every element of the design, from shingles to furniture. 
Clay’s Crossing is located just inside the Jessamine County line, where David and Lisah, both retired bankers, now run a successful sports apparel business called Bumblebee Team Sports. Like many retirees, they have returned to work for the time being, but when the time comes to permanently retire, they wanted a home that would be easy to live in. Together, David and Lisah have two grown children, and one son still currently living at home, but leaving for college in the fall. 
When asked what major characteristic the Barbour’s were looking for, Ed said without hesitation, “An open plan. They wanted wide doorways, large hallways, and open spaces. You can see straight through from the front door to the back.” Indeed, the four-bedroom home has an airy, accessible feel throughout – not only from the open plan, but also from the bright, contemporary color palette. The easy, modern style of the home is perfectly coordinated from room to room. 

Posted on 2015-08-13 by Michelle Aiello