Red Oak Design has been illuminating outdoor spaces since 2006. They specialize in custom outdoor lighting systems that provide the right mood and effect, creating outdoor areas that make homes more beautiful, enjoyable and secure.
Featuring low voltage, LED lighting systems, Red Oak Design offers a number of lighting services. Their outdoor lighting systems have numerous controlling options using smart home technology and smart phones or tablets. These help make outdoor spaces dynamic, stunning and easy to enjoy!
Red Oak Design recently moved to National Avenue, and owner Kyle Adamson is excited to be located in an emerging area near other small businesses providing professional services to homeowners. The talented, knowledgeable staff at Red Oak Design is always happy to meet with homeowners to discuss the ways Red Oak Design can enhance and reimagine outdoor spaces! The options are virtually limitless.
Homeowners who have made investments in the look of their home and outdoor living areas who aren’t fully enjoying their outdoor spaces at night should contact Red Oak Design. Whether for security or enjoyment, outdoor lighting systems can be an incredible, enchanting outdoor improvement.

926 National Ave. | 859.229.8710 | RedOakDesign.net

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