Carl is third generation of a family of merchants. His grandfather, Emanuel, opened his first store in Lexington in 1920. Carl's parents, Marvin and Sydelle, continued this well known business through the 70's, 80's and 90's becoming one of the most well known prominent stores in the south. Carl graduated from Boston University with a masters in Fine Arts which enabled him to switch his creativity from art to clothing. In the mid 1970's he revolutionized the riding apparel business. He took what was a basic uniform, or habit and made it fashion. His vision transformed riding apparel in the ring from coast to coast. Later in life, Carl bought a factory in New York City which produced all of his custom riding apparel. He worked with young designers with their products for Bergdorf Goodman, Saks and Barneys. Carl left the riding apparel business in Lexington in 2007 and moved to New York City full-time. He eventually returned to the Bluegrass, and opened a ladies specialty store on Clay Avenue. He is now one of the premier retailers of European imports, sweaters, jackets, dresses and accessories, specializing in beautiful outerwear. 
Meyers now lives within walking distance of his namesake shop and can be found there most days. The boutique has become a staple shop for mother of the bride and groom dresses and has several resources that can be custom made with hundreds of fabrics and styles to choose from. If you desire a personal visit with Carl, please call (859-252-2004) and a member of his staff will set this up for you. The store is located at 111 Clay Ave. Lexington, KY 40502 and www.carlmeyers.com on the web.

Posted on 2015-09-01 by Jesse L. Brooks