When we look at 3D printing, we try to assess it from many different perspectives to get the full picture of how the industry is progressing. We look at consumers and their excitement level for the technology. Ultimately, we believe 3D printers will appeal on a mass consumer level, but this will be a process over time.
We look at businesses and how they are using 3D printing to improve products and product development. We also look at how 3D printing is affecting the common good, such as the breakthroughs we have seen in healthcare. And it is also no surprise that 3D printing is a very active topic amongst institutions of higher learning.
For example, just last week, MIT announced that a group of their researchers had created a new 3D printer capable of building with an amazing ten photopolymer materials at one time. The fact that they were able to build it by spending less than $7,000 was perhaps equally notable, since multi-material units are typically quite expensive. Add in some machine vision and 3D scanning to allow for self-correction, and you have a real crackerjack of a printer.
This illustrates something that has been true for many burgeoning industries over the years—when education and business interests overlap, we see rapid development, which quickens the timeline of innovation and ultimately delivers better results for all interested parties.
We keep tabs on 3D printing for a variety of reasons. At SIO, we’re focused on better technology and services for our customers. Not only is it our business to stay on the cutting edge, we wouldn’t have it any other way! And we always pass along that tech edge to our customers. It makes a real difference in the long run. Give us a call today and let us help your business take the next step.

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Posted on 2015-09-01 by Jim Blancet