I love flowers. Even the little yellow weeds that people spend lots of money to have removed from their front yards. To me, every kind of flower is a spectacular. Therefore, I will never be disappointed when Mister Man brings me a lovely bundle on Valentines Day. For that matter, I love cards, jewelry and…well, gifts in general! Yes, there I said it. I have never considered myself materialistic, but apparently some part of me is. 
It does, however, seem that gift giving for holidays has become despicably commercialized which I loathe. Pressure surrounds the person giving the gifts as well as those receiving. 
Bottom line, the greatest flowers, cards, jewelry and well…gifts in general that Mister Man has ever given me have always been “Just because.” 
Recently, I was having a Murphy’s Law week. I stubbed my toe so badly that it swelled three times the usual size, got a speeding ticket for going four miles over the speed limit, burned my meatloaf something awful and had a most unfortunate haircut. Nothing life altering, just one of those weeks that gets on your last nerve. I was slightly cranky and that awful haircut did nothing to make me feel better. 
Mister Man remained chipper through it all and was quick to order a pizza when the meatloaf tragedy occurred. He also told me that my hair haircut wasn’t that bad. ‘Yeah right’, I was thinking while tucking my undesirable locks under an old baseball cap that I dug out of the closet. 
I was certainly grateful for the kind gestures sent my way by him that week. I have kissed enough frogs to fill up a very large house in my day, so to have finally have found my prince makes me very happy. I can recall one fellow in particular that did bring me a bundle of flowers. However, I later learned that he picked them out of my neighbor’s garden. 
So you can only imagine how happy I was to see a big glass vase showcasing stellar white roses sitting there in the kitchen. Directly beside it was the sweetest card ever. There was also a box beautifully wrapped with a hot pink bow. 
Hmmmm? I wondered… what on earth could it be? I carefully revealed the just because gift. It was a brand new, quite adorable… baseball cap. 

Posted on 2015-09-05 by Buffy Lawson