We have been exploring bridal separates over the last few months, pairing skirts, tops and jackets to make a unique wedding day look. A big trend is going for the separates feel, but the wedding dress itself is bought as a unit, but in two pieces. And showing the midriff seems to be the goal with this look. This style is completely wonderful for a beach, woodsy or destination wedding because it embraces the casualness of the venue, coupled with coordinated wedding dress design.
The Two Piece Look
There is something bold and daring about a two-piece wedding dress, and it will be unforgettable. Many brides today are turning away from the traditional dress. Because we see so many ways to personalize weddings, brides want their dresses to be highly personalized, too. Two-piece design embraces dressy lace, sequins and sheer chiffon to bring balance to the bare look.
On the runways and in look books, what you see is a peek of bare midriff coupled with a lot of coverage in the balance of the dress, like long sleeves and high neck, with shorter top baring skin. This way the bride is not overdoing the sexiness, which makes it even more sexy. Strive for balance here for a beautiful look.
Double the Fun with Your Gown
Who is the best bride for this midriff-baring look? If your style is non-traditional, or you are an artsy soul, you could pull this off with ease. A bride looking for something that is not so bridal would love this look. Keep your venue in mind; check your church’s regulations on showing skin during a ceremony. Al keep in mind you may double your budget here, too. Two-piece gowns don’t save anything because there’s less fabric, and actually run a little higher.
Remember It’s Still  a Wedding
This two-piece look is beautiful when presented with grace and style. Keep in mind that this isn’t a sorority formal and your goal is to be the most magical and gracious sight in groom’s and your guest’s eyes. Just a peek of skin can be lovely, but too much is too much. Choose wisely. 

Posted on 2015-09-09 by Marsha Koller