Okay, c’mon. Any time 3D printers are being used to save lives, you pretty much have to concede the point that this new technology is earning its keep, even as it is a burgeoning technology with a lot of room for advancement.
Earlier this month, a Spanish clinic teamed up with an Australian printing center to print a 3D sternum and rib cage for a cancer patient. The ability to create body parts that match a specific human recipient continues to be an area of use for 3D printing (and a very important use at that).
One of the attractive features 3D printed artificial body parts offer is a precision that is unachievable with the older medical parts used in the recent past. This precision helps the patient avoid dangerous complications like rejection or injury from an ill-fitting implant.
At SIO, we’re interested in new technology and all its possibilities. Sometimes it’s not a matter of doing something that’s never done before; rather, it’s a matter of doing something better than it’s ever been done in the past. In either case, the advancement is worth pursuing, and we enjoy passing along these sorts of benefits to our customers along the way.
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Posted on 2015-09-22 by Jim Blancet