PC and server problems can be more than just annoying—they can positively halt a business until addressed and fixed. Any business (large or small) is not only vulnerable to suffering these types of problems, they’re also vulnerable to the aftereffects, such as customer disappointments, missed deadlines, lost data, missed sales, and so on.
No business owner wants to face that kind of day, and fortunately the risks and downtime associated with PC and server problems can be minimized through storeitoffsite’s new SIO Rewind solution.
SIO Rewind is all about shaking off those virus and malware blues and getting your machine back to its last “good” state prior to the problems. Or, in cases where you only need to retrieve a missing file or folder, you can simply recall it via SIO Rewind. All it usually takes is a few clicks!
That covers quite a bit of backup and recovery territory, which is why we’re so excited about offering it to our customers. Plus, SIO Rewind can be scaled for your needs. There’s a “Lite” version for small systems and an “Ultra” that can accommodate the needs of a large business. That way, you get what’s scaled appropriately for you.
Possessing a tool that can overwrite an infected file system and restore your good data is the fastest way to get back up following a virus or malware infection, failed patch or software update, OS upgrade, disk hardware issue, or just about any other potentially disastrous situation.
SIO Rewind offers robust protection, and we’re eager to discuss the specifics of how it can help you. Give us a call today, and we’ll get started on a solution for you!

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Posted on 2015-09-28 by Jim Blancet