Style is cyclical and while boots and boho bridal dresses are still the rage, formal wedding style is making a big return. In order to be different, many brides are once again leaning toward ‘take your breath away’ elegance from crowns to sweeping trains, and classic all over lace designs. For the simplest way to communicate enduring elegance with your wedding dress, choose embellished long sleeves.
Thanks to princesses and duchesses from Kate Middleton to Grace Kelly, long sleeves are the one element that says ‘regal’. Sheer lace sleeves are romantic and can say ‘vintage’, while embellished ones say ‘glamour’, and flowy or bell shaped say ‘boho-chic’. Embellished long sleeve gowns make an instant upgrade in sophistication, complete with lace, rhinestones, beading, sequins or rich embroidered accents. 
Long Sleeves are Conservative No More
If you think that a long-sleeved wedding dress means you will look conservative or the least bit dowdy, take a look at today’s sexy long sleeve designs. You will find nothing could be further from the truth. And with sheer fabrics including beautiful embellished detail, that peek of skin through illusion can be the sexiest, while most elegant, look of all.
Once upon a time, long sleeved gowns were relegated to more traditional ceremonies. This once serious style is now sensuous style, and you can look like the most elegant bride…ever. While making a huge statement of style, you will be completely ‘bridal’ from fingers to toes. Conservative? Not anymore. 
A Peek of Skin is Super Sexy
The key to cool on these long sleeved designs are skin-bearing embellished details on the sleeves, continuing onto the dress. These long sleeve styles are now brought to you with deep v necklines, plunging backs, and high, high leg slits to add daring without over ‘bareing’, totally wow. Modern and gorgeous while being oh so classy.
Less is More with Hair & Jewelry 
You won’t need a bracelet or necklace as the gown does it all for you. Great earrings and your fabulous ring are all you need. Over and over we see that designers pair an updo with long sleeve gowns so hair doesn’t compete with beautiful shoulder and sleeve details. Classy. Elegant. Perfect. That will be you when you choose long sleeves with embellished details for your wedding day.

Posted on 2015-10-09 by Marsha Koller