Drone technology has grabbed increasing headlines in the past year, particularly as it pertains to Amazon’s future plans, as well as in cases of drones being caught flying where they shouldn’t.
Looking a bit deeper into the industry, however, other drone trends begin to dominate the landscape. Take new development, for example. Just yesterday, DJI launched a new embedded computer (the DJIManifold) designed to encourage new drone development.
With its built-in support of CUDA, OpenCV and Robot Operating System,DJI is hoping to foster the creative spirit in the drone development community by teaming up with Canonical, the business group behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution.
Meanwhile, Google just announced plans to begin making “drone deliveries” by 2017. Amazon revealed similar plans earlier this year, and with heavies like this making public pronouncements, the pressure to carve out some low altitude drone space is beginning to mount in the U.S.
As we have seen in 3D printing and other tech sectors recently, usefulness always adds fuel to the innovation fire. And given the widespread interest and desire to see expanded drone usage, it’s only a matter of time before the dreams of 2015 become the reality of 2016 and beyond.
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Posted on 2015-11-03 by Jim Blancet