One of my absolute favorite parts of the fall, aside from the crisp weather and fall leaves, is undoubtedly the fall wardrobe. Specifically a good chunky, cozy sweater. It sounds pretty simple and almost boring, right? Sweaters—big deal. But trust me when I say, the typical knit has gotten a facelift. If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon with some of these shapes, well then let me introduce you. 
The poncho. This is hands down one of my favorite sweaters. Let’s be honest, the sucker hides everything. But comfort and camouflaging aside, it’s surprisingly flattering as it allows your lower half to show off. I simply love it’s 70s vibe which is sort of all the rage this season, so go ahead and embrace it with an equally 70s pair of flares. 
The blanket sweater. Gotta love this bad boy because it, too, conceals. But more importantly, it is so darn cozy. And doesn’t this print just scream fall? I highly suggest pairing it with a very skinny bottom. There’s a lot of volume going on up top so be sure to offset that with a skinny jean or legging. 
The turtleneck. Namely, a cable knit turtleneck. I can’t own enough. There is something so polished and perfect about a turtleneck. Warmth aside, it is a classic that will never go out of style. I’m also adoring the boyfriend shape to the turtleneck—it adds a modern vibe to an otherwise classic look. And talk about versatile. A skirt, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, flares, distressed, coated, corduroy—the pairing possibilities are endless. If you have longer hair, I suggest pulling it back in a sleek pony or topknot. The neckline highlights the face, so why not show it off!
While a sweater for the fall is certainly not reinventing the wheel, some of these new shapes and cuts are. Be sure to think outside of your cozy knitted box and give one of these modern shapes a go—no doubt you’ll be glad you did! 


Posted on 2015-11-06 by Beth Parker