The focus is always on the bride during a wedding celebration, as well as in wedding planning, but the groom is still fifty percent of the wedding equation. One of the few ways a groom can express himself or be part of the theme of the wedding is with creative, unusual boutonnieres. Yes, you can still have him don that classic single rose or creamy stephanotis bloom, but it is so much more interesting to have a creative boutonniere that meshes with the spirit of your wedding. This is so apparent with today’s wildly popular rustic weddings, where formal blooms are just too stiff and don’t fit in. 
Rustic Elements
Among the must haves in the rustic wedding look, burlap and twine can easily be incorporated into these down to earth boutonnieres, tying them into your rustic décor. Natural dried flowers or non-florals like wheat and wild grasses make rustic boutonnieres special, plus they don’t break the bank. Cotton is a beautiful element, and coordinates with a brides white dress.
Colors of your elements should be faint and earthy, from matte bronze and green, to teals and browns, which will be perfect contrasting with a wood or metal accent piece. If you want a bolder look or more color, deep oranges, dark purple and rich reds will work with the rustic feel.
When thinking woodsy, think wood. Actually using wood in these boutonnieres, from a wood disc to a slip of birch bark, is really cool and very different. Other natural selections for an organic look are acorns, pussy willows, fiddlehead ferns, succulents and interesting moss or lichens.
Communicate His Down-to-Earth Interests
Does he fish or hunt? Outdoor interests are a great element to build into a rustic, manly floral piece for him. Incorporating fishing lures with simple greenery that meshes with the rest of your flowers is so different. If he is a hunter, whether on land or in the sky, building in a spent bullet or colorful feather from this favorite game will make a statement about him and probably most of the groomsmen in his party. Does he boat or ski? Build in a nautical element to make him feel at home on this new adventure he’s embarking on. 
With this rustic theme, it is much easier for you to pull off a DIY project making rustic boutonnieres that can save a little money and be a fun project while you’re at it. Plus, if you don’t use live greens you can glean your own materials and make them ahead, checking this piece off your list.
Be Photo Rustic
Remember that in close up photos, his flowers might be the only thing that communicates your rustic theme. So be creative, and do something really different.

Posted on 2015-11-11 by Marsha Koller