Halloween may be over, but decorating with black is chic year-round. Here are three classic tips to make a lasting statement in your home: 
1. For an elegant feel to your living space, incorporate black by featuring it as an accent color. Whether you choose to do so through a classic black-and-white theme reminiscent of old films or by using black with a pop of color, this is a subtle way to allow other pieces to take the spotlight.
2. Create contrast in your decor with a dramatic accent wall (right). With a black backdrop for your colorful artwork or photographs, visitors’ eyes will be drawn directly to the color.
3. Decorating with chalkboards has become a trendy way to express creativity. For kids, a chalkboard wall will allow them to express their imagination on a whim, with no messy clean-up. For a kitchen, chalkboards are perfect as a menu board or an area to write a fun or inspirational quotes. Look for washable chalkboard pens at most craft stores.

Courtesy of KY Forward

Posted on 2015-11-16 by Liz Toomes