With 2015 coming to a close, now is a great time to start planning ahead.
Let a family approach with a 35 year anniversary in financial investing and advising work for you.  President Ramsey Bova, her father Bob, husband Robert and team take “a holistic approach to financial planning that brings all parts of your financial life together. There is no set plan for all; everyone has different goals in life.”
Not in Lexington all year long? Not to worry; Moneywatch has locations for snowbirds in Naples, Florida and snow bunnies in Keenebunkport, New York as well. Services include: financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning, educational needs for children, tax strategies, investment allocation, cash-flow planning and special projects. Specialties consist of advice for individuals, families, businesses and charities.
The average tenure of a Moneywatch client is 24 years. That’s because they know that their clients work hard for their money, so Moneywatch Advisors want to make clients’ money work hard, too. There is never a commission or product charged, just basic fees only. Moneywatch is also SEC registered and NAPFA member.
Start planning for retirement now: there is a difference between having to work and wanting to work.  It’s never too early or too late to start working on a plan!
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