After deep reflection and much hard work, the Lexington Art League is pairing a long

history of innovative programming and exhibitions with input from the community to reinvigorate the

organization’s plans for 2016.

LexArts Executive Director Nan Plummer categorizes LAL’s process in the past year as “an earnest and

open-minded effort to keep its creative sights aimed high while listening to its core constituency. As LAL’s

biggest funder—and one that represents a cross-section of the community—LexArts is especially glad to

see this pillar of the arts in Lexington refocus its laudable ambitions with a commitment to community

input and fiscal stability.”

As the cornerstone of the organization’s vision, an artist forum was held to gather feedback regarding the

current needs of artists in the community to ensure LAL’s future programming align with and fulfill those

needs. “The board also gleaned valuable insight from the forum to better increase its relevance in service

to the community and, most specifically, in service to the artists in the community,” said Art Shechet, Vice

President of the Lexington Art League’s Board of Directors.

In addition to the in-person forum, the organization asked for the input from community members via an

online survey and incorporated those findings into the development of a robust one-year Strategic Plan.

The objectives within that plan focus on stabilizing the organization, engaging artists more deeply,

establishing new community partnerships, and bolstering LAL’s audience. Currently the Lexington Art

League is poised to complete the fiscal year in a positive position and is thrilled to see local artist

memberships on the rise.

Both the artist forum and online survey informed LAL’s fall exhibition cycle with a program that spoke to

many of the needs conveyed throughout their process of evaluation. Through the presentation of Here

and Now: Selections from the Artist Archive, LAL featured over 50 local artists who are all part of the

Artist Archive Program. All community-based programming and contextual learning opportunities related

to that exhibition were dedicated purely to highlighting the work of local artists. In addition, students from

LAL’s outreach programs studied the artists within the Artists Archive and created works inspired by their

process and current bodies of work. This effort enabled LAL to connect its community more deeply with

the work of those artists who make Lexington so culturally vibrant.

Amidst the challenges, LAL’s impact within the community has stayed strong. Within the past year…

• More than 70,000 individuals attended the 2015 Woodland Art Fair, featuring the work of more than

207 individual artists.

• New audiences were exposed to both internationally acclaimed and locally based artists.

• 665 underserved youth from the North & East End neighborhoods of Lexington had the opportunity to

participate in arts education classes.

• Nearly 50 individual families participating in Family Day at LAL were exposed to a unique experience

with interactive and exploratory art projects designed to contextualize the works within LAL’s exhibits.

After a six-month comprehensive evaluation of our executive staff and internal procedures, “The

Lexington Art League has never been more aware of its inner workings and its mission to serve this

community, says Christine Huskisson, President of the Board of Directors. “We are well poised – now with

additional reporting and evaluative tools in place - to move forward and responsibly engage innovation

while maintaining our commitment to the advancement of local artists.”

Over the next few months, LAL will pay close attention to its membership base and examine ways to

maintain by tying to artist centered programs that support the organization artistically, financially and

professionally. They will also continue to offer free family and group tours, and will continue its effort to

become more deeply engaged in the North Lexington neighborhood. LAL has also begun to rebuild its

infrastructure, hiring Lee Erik Eachus as its full-time Development Director and Kara Hansel as its parttime

Education & Contextual Learning Director

“We are thankful to our donors and supporters who stood beside us and kept us going with gestures of

kindness and encouragement, financial support and through their continued attendance at LAL events.

We are pleased to share that our beloved organization has many successful years ahead, and we look

forward to our continued service to the community,” said Stephanie Harris, LAL Executive Director.

 About Lexington Art League

Lexington Art League is a 401(c)3 organization whose mission is to challenge, educate, engage, and their

community through visual art and the advancement of local artists. Founded in 1957 responding to the

need for an artists collective in the Lexington community, LAL envisions a world where art, artists, and artmaking

are central to human inspiration, self-realization, and meaning. LAL is housed in The Loudoun

House in Castlewood Park, one of only five remaining castellated Gothic Revival villas left in the United

States. Recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, the Loudoun House has been the

Lexington Art League's administrative and curatorial home since 1984. In addition to featuring multiple art

exhibitions and events throughout the year, the Loudoun House is also available as a rental event space

for weddings, parties, and other large gatherings. Loudoun House Gallery hours are Tuesday - Thursday

10:00 am - 4:00 pm, Friday 10:00am - 8:00 pm, and Saturday - Sunday 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. To learn more

about the Lexington Art League and its programs, please visit https://www.lexingtonartleague.org.

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