“My husband Dave jokes that we are the only family that has built two houses on the same lot,” Jennifer Harris said with a laugh. After raising their daughter Ashley and son Justin, their home in Nicholasville’s Equestrian Woods was in need of a revamp. But since they love the location, and have plenty of friends in the neighborhood, not to mention an abundance of family memories (including Ashley’s wedding, which took place in the backyard), the Harris’ decided to renovate their home from top to bottom. 
“It was a major overhaul, but it was fun,” Jennifer recalls. They moved out for about four months while the renovation took place, and hired John Schaefer of Schaefer Homes, who took the house down to the studs and created the open plan living space that exists today. 
One of the major projects that took place was the opening of the kitchen and family room area. Like many homeowners, Jennifer was frustrated by the wall that separated the kitchen from the rest of the home. “When I was cooking in there, I couldn’t see or talk to anyone,” she commented. Schafer and his team solved the problem by removing the wall and creating a bright, airy space with plenty of interesting details. Now it’s a pleasure for Jennifer and Dave to prepare meals and interact with family and guests. 
Jennifer worked extensively with Dwayne Anderson of House by JSD Designs on the interior design. Dwayne is responsible for the gorgeous Christmas tree and most of the other holiday decorations as well. The décor is a perfect illustration of the traditional yet eclectic style the House retail store and design company is known for. For example, the spray of natural twigs topping the tree has a traditional look, but is a great alternative to the customary star or angel figurine. 
Jennifer also gives a great deal of credit to her daughter Ashley, who came up with many of the initial concepts for the renovation and design. She worked closely with Dwayne on just about every detail of the home, from color schemes to furnishings.  
The entryway sets the tone for the chic, traditional design of the home. The ornate sideboard, purchased from Norwalk furniture, is one of the few original pieces from the previous design. The centerpiece with pine boughs and holly berries welcomes visitors with an immediate feeling of holiday cheer. “We display that container all year round, but we change out the décor according to the season. But Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year,” said Jennifer. The same pine boughs can be seen wrapped around the staircases and mantles, complete with rustic burlap bows, pine cones, and twinkling white lights. 
The antique wood barn door, exposed ceiling beams, mantles, and other wood accents were all purchased from Longwood Antique Woods.

Posted on 2015-12-12 by Michelle Aiello