The next phase of drone regulation was announced yesterday, just ahead of the holiday shopping season, when hundreds of thousands of new drone owners are expected to be created here in the United States.
The Federal Aviation Administration will now require that almost all drone owners register in an online database and pay a $5 fee by February 19, 2016. The measure is aimed at establishing a more regulated drone culture where drones can be traced back to their owners. The hope is that with more transparency will come more responsibility on the part of those who fly drones.
With Christmas fast approaching and so many drone price points dropping under $100, the popularity of drones shows no signs of stopping. As we have discussed in several of our past blogs, the FAAhas been ramping up its attempts to place some official legal limits on drones, especially as the air space gets increasingly crowded. Obviously, commercial and military aircraft receive first priority when it comes to safety limits.
Fortunately, here in Lexington, KY, we still have some wide-open spaces nearby where experimental drone flying is fairly easy to facilitate. If you are a drone owner or have flown drones in the past, let us know what your experience was like.
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Posted on 2015-12-15 by Jim Blancet