Finding the right partner to take care of all your business’s IT concerns is one of the top issues facing new business owners. The same is true for older businesses that may not have been involved in technology in the past and need to upgrade into a 21st century business model.

Speaking from experience, this is even better addressed when you can partner with a local IT company based right here in Lexington, KY where your business is based. Communication is important in all business relationships, and living and working in the same town as your partners has distinct advantages.

First off, you’ll be keeping the same hours. This ensures a maximum availability of time when business IT communication can occur. Next, it means meeting in person. Face-to-face communication leads to more investment by both parties and an enhanced personal relationship.

SIO understands your work environment and your local economic climate. Your IT services will be efficient and streamlined to fit your budget, as well as your technology goals. Small business IT support is a specialty of SIO. Our enhancements will improve the way you store data, the way you serve data, and the way you communicate internally and with your customers, as well.

There really is no down side. Make SIO your IT solutions company—we’re right here in Lexington, KY. Contact us today!

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Posted on 2015-12-22 by Jim Blancet