When planning a rustic wedding, the feel is more casual, but the details remain as important as with the most formal of weddings, if not more so. It becomes more important to build in details and elements that fit the theme in order to set the mood. For example, building elements as simple as burlap and twine into your receptions’ tabletop décor will bring your theme into focus. But there are so many more wonderful, creative ways to say ‘rustic’ with your centerpieces.
More Options with Rustic Florals: The great thing about a rustic theme is that your options of florals open up to include less greenhouse choices and more handpicked, casual looking options. But don’t kid yourself. Plan to use or buy from a florist, even if the feel is ultra casual. Even if you have acres of wildflowers growing, what will be blooming on your specific wedding date will be very limited. Sunflowers bloom when they want to, not when you want them to. 
However, you can completely DIY the arranging of your centerpieces, as bunches in jars and casual containers that aren’t contrived or ‘arranged’ in oasis fit the bill. While simple jars of baby’s breath are boho perfect, there are wonderful, inexpensive choices of cut flowers available at grocery store chains like Trader Joe’s. But with any large chain you will be limited to what is available the week of your wedding. No choosing for you!
Rustic Blooms Suit the Room: With rustic centerpieces, natural colors and interesting mixes of hue work perfectly. Instead of flowers in all one theme, rustic centerpieces can burst with bolder colors like rich orange, yellow, purple, deep red and bronze browns. Flowers like sunflowers, daisies, anemones, dahlias and waxflowers fit the bill. Don’t forget to add greenery.
My favorite is to choose beautifully muted rustic arrangements, with more formal anchor flowers mixed with casual greenery and smaller wildflowers. Colors like light tea rose, cream, blush with dusty sage and muted purples are breath of fresh air. 
Your Centerpiece Container Sets the Mood: The go-to rustic centerpiece is loose flowers in mason jars, and the look is truly sweet, uncontrived and casual. But with a little more creativity, you can elevate the look of your Mason jar centerpiece, or go miles beyond. Let’s explore that in next month’s article, and see how you can erase the vase.
Erase the Vase Sets the Rustic Vibe with your Centerpiece Container: Your centerpiece container is key to the feel. Florist’s clear glass vases are a no no here. If you can get your hands on authentic large vintage teal blue mason jars, you win. But this isn’t always possible. Reproductions in brighter blue and clear are on the market and readily available. While this has become the standard go-to look, you can do more. And some great looking choices abound.
Would You Choose Wood: With this rustic theme, it is much easier for you to pull off a DIY project making rustic boutonnieres that can save a little money and be a fun project while you’re at it. Plus, if you don’t use live greens you can glean your own materials and make them ahead, checking this piece off your list.
Be Photo Rustic: Remember that in close up photos, his flowers might be the only thing that communicates your rustic theme. So be creative, and do something really different. 

Posted on 2015-12-27 by Marsha Koller