Norwalk Furniture is a locally owned design center in the heart of Lexington. Norwalk is the perfect place to help turn your dream home fantasies into a stylish reality. The company features a wide range of design services and products that will suit an array of tastes and budgets. Offering custom upholstery, window treatments, antique rugs, custom bedding and gifts, as well as a range of home design consulting and services. Part of what makes Norwalk Furniture so special is the owners, Kellie Clarke and Tawana Palmer. The two ladies have been friends since high school, and found Norwalk as a perfect place to grow their friendship and families. They offer full design and renovation services at a range of price points to meet the needs of their customers. Through Norwalk, they’ve formed many relationships and connections within Lexington, including making investments in the education of their community. Kellie and Tawana have grown their family through the addition of their wonderful designers Justin and Phillip. Norwalk Furniture is more than a home design center. They are happy to provide custom solutions for any design need.
If you are near the Norwalk store and in the holiday spirit, stop by and check out their festive holiday decor. From themed trees to chic Christmas pillows. We have a feeling you won't leave empty handed.
To visit Norwalk and for more information:
Address: 2200 War Admiral Way Lexington, KY 40509 
Phone: 859-263-0322
The home of designer Justin Morris represents a movement from a traditional home in downtown Lexington to a modern masterpiece. His home was also the winner of the Remodeled Home Tour in 2014.

Posted on 2015-12-29 by Jesse L. Brooks