Posted on 2016-02-02 by Jim Blancet


Running a business is complicated. You have customers, supplies, and employees that all come together to exchange money for goods and/or services.

And as the owner, you’re in charge of all of it. From the vision it takes to get it off the ground through the complications of keeping it all running well, it takes more time than one person has.

That’s why it really makes sense to get help in all essential areas that serve to support your core business, especially one like IT services that may be very different from what your company does. SIO is the perfect partner for managed IT services, and we service businesses in and around Lexington, KY just like yours everyday.

We provide all sorts of cloud services, like data backup solutions that are easy to understand, file sharing services that keep you connected everywhere you work, and email hosting that keeps everyone connected and communicating from their preferred devices.

And SIO’s customers can relax while we handle the updates, the software patches, the hardware upgrades, and the virus and malware protection. Plus, we back it all up with fully customizable professional IT support.

Improve your business while simplifying its upkeep—choose SIO!

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