Importance of Data and Data Recovery from SIO

Here in Lexington, KY where we live and work, we interact face-to-face with clients on a daily..

Data products and technology services from SIO

In modern business, many companies are defined by their data. They collect data, handle data, process data,..

SIO for IT Solutions in Lexington, KY

Finding the right partner to take care of all your business’s IT concerns is one of the..

Big News for Drones and Drone Owners

The next phase of drone regulation was announced yesterday, just ahead of the holiday shopping season, when..

Legends, STEAM Academy team up for ballpark project

The Lexington Legends are joining forces with STEAM Academy of Lexington to bring a new look to..

Navigating Computer Software in Lexington, KY

Do you ever wonder what computer software can help your business the most? Are you like some..

The Progress of 3D Printing

The past few years have seen an explosion of growth in the 3D printer market, which has..

Small Business IT Services From SIO

Sometimes it feels like everything is working against you when you’re running a small business. Though large..

Choose Sio for Web Hosting Services in Lexington

SIO has earned a reputation around town as the expert resource for cloud services, data protection, and managed..

Managed IT Services for Lexington, KY Businesses

No matter your business size, it can be difficult to manage operations. For a small staff, IT..

The Next Phase for Drones: Development & Deployment

Drone technology has grabbed increasing headlines in the past year, particularly as it pertains to Amazon’s future..

The Lexington, Ky Email Hosting Leader

In-house business email is expensive, complicated, and outdated. Thankfully, SIO is here to help with CloudCollaborate, a collaboration suite..

The continued importance of virus and malware protection

This is common sense, really, but a lot of people still underestimate the potential dangers lurking on..

Major 3D Printing Factory Placed in Kentucky

Kentucky made big news on the 3D printing front recently as tech startup CloudDDM launched a brand..

Data Restoration for Lexington, KY Businesses

As we mentioned in our last blog entry, SIO Rewind is here to save the day for all levels..

New Standard Of Backup And Recovery With SIO Rewind

PC and server problems can be more than just annoying—they can positively halt a business until addressed..

3D Printed Sternum and Ribs for Cancer Patient

Okay, c’mon. Any time 3D printers are being used to save lives, you pretty much have to..

Why You Need a Backup and Data Restoration Partner

No one wants to think about data backups and tech disaster nightmare scenarios. It’s easier to just..

Professional IT Support to improve your business

There is no substitute for professional help. You see this in your daily life all the time...

Broadband Drives Economic Development

The Fiber for the New Economy conference in Lexington, Ky., September 15–18, will present essential new research findings..

University Level 3D Printer Developments

When we look at 3D printing, we try to assess it from many different perspectives to get..

Cloud Computing for Lexington, Kentucky Businesses

Sure, people talk about the cloud all the time. And it goes without saying that some people..

Replicated Backup for your protection

The replicated backup appliance offered by storeitoffsite has all the features your business needs without the high..

Medicine Via 3D Printing Has Arrived

With last week’s announcement that the FDA has approved the first 3D-printed drug in the United States, a whole..


With web server sales soaring beyond $50 billion worldwide last year, a staggering amount of data is..


As many of you know, MakerBot has a new CEO (Jonathan Jaglom). And it’s no surprise that Jaglom has..


When you choose SIO for your cloud provider needs, you really get much more than just space to save..

Cloud Solutions: An Important Choice

IT infrastructure is expensive. Partnering with SIO actually ends up saving you money because you avoid purchasing your own..

Drone videos of fireworks

As the 4th of July approaches, it’s tempting for drone hobbyists to strap on a GoPro camera..

A tech partner you can trust

We talk a lot about how valuable data is. Losing data is a horrible occurrence, and our..

Safer, smarter business email from SIO

There are several main considerations when it comes to email. You want it to be easy to..

New Frontiers - 3D Printing with Metal

Metal is one of the hottest buzzes in 3D printing. Replacing the casting process and CNC machines means unleashing..

Avoid expensive data loss by using SIO

We’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating: data loss is expensive. Not only does it..

Don't be cloudy on how your data is backed up

For the past decade, the notion of the cloud and its various attributes and uses has become..

3D Printing Makes Impact on Drone Development

If you’ve followed our blog with any regularity, you know that we like to talk about 3D..

How to keep your cool in the heat

You love your laptop. I love mine, too. But what happens to a laptop when the weather..

Dealing with Data Compliance in the Workplace

At SIO, we service all kinds of different business types covering every industry you could imagine. Basically, if..

3D Printing on Demand with MakerBot

If you are into 3D printing at all, you are probably familiar with MakerBot’s giant catalog of..

Top Web Hosting in Lexington, KY

If you’re in the market for web hosting here in Lexington, KY, central KY, (or anywhere for..

Cloudy with a chance of profits

SIO can provide a complete networking environment for your business, while saving you money on hardware and upkeep..

Continuous Liquid Interface Production

3D printing took another step recently when some University of North Carolina scientists unveiled the technology behind..

How to Avoid Common Data Pitfalls

Data may not be money technically, but it’s certainly the next best thing when it comes to..

Simple to Operate and Easy to Maintain Data Backup

Feeling overwhelmed by the data your business is generating? While business owners understand that they need to..

The Line Between Hobby and Commercial Drones

By Jim Blancet We’ve mentioned before Amazon’s intention to use drones to deliver packages in the near future...

Your Mozy Alternative in Lexington, KY

By Jim Blancet Let’s face it: while Mozy may indeed offer online backup, cloud backup, and data backup,..

Data Restoration Specialists in Lexington, KY

By Jim Blancet  Yep, you probably had us pegged for this service already, but just in case you..

Drones For the Great Outdoors

By Jim Blancet I suppose I’m willing to concede that drones are best suited to outdoor applications. (Having..

SIO delivers top-notch business services

By Jim Blancet With a blizzard covering Lexington, KY this week, isn’t it nice to know who’s covering..

Business Applications for drones taking off in aerial photography

By Jim Blancet Earlier this year, the FAA officially authorized the first real estate agent to utilize a drone for..

From the FAA to the Super Bowl: Drones A Hot Topic

By Jim Blancet If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, you were (of course) not alone. About..

Not Crashing Our 3DR Iris+ Drone Onto White House Property

By Jim Blancet Hey, that drone that crashed into a tree near the White House yesterday was not..

StoreItOffsite offers a full complement of IT services

By Jim Blancet One of the many benefits of working with us here at SIO is utilizing our expertise as..

Drones and Aerial Photography

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Being There for you when you need us

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Local Sync Service from SIO

By Jim Blancet If you are skilled enough to use Dropbox, then you are skilled enough to switch..

Aren't you glad our machines keep working

By Jim Blancet With Christmas fast approaching and New Year’s on its heels, there will be a lot..

Supplementing Your Cloud Services with Data Protection

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Top Reasons to StoreItOffsite

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Why Zimbra Collaboration is a Welcome Solution

By Jim Blancet Two weeks ago, we issued a social media post about the recently released report titled..

Have you ever been thankful for your computer data?

By Jim Blancet I know a great number of clients who are. For example, any time a client..