Getting Naked

Over time in a relationship, we become naked. Not sexy hot naked but ugly little warts being..

Valentine's Day Quiz

February is that time of year when we all start dreaming of warm weather. It’s the time..

Just Because

I love flowers. Even the little yellow weeds that people spend lots of money to have removed..

Thank You, Mr. Carter

Today I watched a lovely interview with former president Jimmy Carter. It was so interesting hearing him..

Bye-Bye, June

Women no longer have to wear those hateful tie-up corsets that literally squash your guts and rib..

Growing (Together) Pains

Time is a funny thing. Some days feel like they just fly by and others tend to..

What’s the Rush?

Almost all extraordinary things take time to become extraordinary. Thus, “they are not referred to as…“ordinary”. I..

In The Buf: Love Cake

One of my dearest, most fabulous lifelong girlfriends will disagree with what I am about to submit...

Independent Women

One thing is for certain, it’s better to be a healthy single person than to be in..

Comfortable Silence

By Buffy Lawson, Relationship Veteran I remember my first romantic date with Mister Man like it was yesterday...

Nobody Likes a Nag

By Buffy Lawson As I have always preached…everybody is simply adorable in the early stages of a relationship...

In the Buf: The Toaster

In a new relationship, the first holiday season shared together tells us more about our partner than..

Timing is Everything

By Buffy Lawson Being in the music business for two hundred and forty three years, I have learned..

In the Buf: 'Tis the Season to be... Jolly

Snowmen, reindeer, candy canes, ornaments, green, red, green, red! Yes, my friends, somehow, it is that time..


By Buffy Lawson At a certain age and after much earned life experience, i.e: totally dysfunctional relationships, you..

In the Buf: Chicken Pot Pie

We all represent ourselves as fabulous, juicy, one-of-a-kind filet mignons but over time, in relationships, we end..

In the 'Buf': The Aliens Must Be Laughing

If you know me very well, you know that one of my very favorite life phrases is:..

Always Hold My Hand

By Buffy Lawson I am fascinated by human nature. As a songwriter, observation is not only the most..

In the Buf: Snow White, Seriously?

My cheese doesn’t fit fairly and squarely on the cracker; however, at this point in my life..

Maid Fee

By Buffy Lawson Mister Man and I try hard to keep our lines of communication open when it..

Playin' Hooky

By Buffy Lawson Couples often claim “life” as being the reason they no longer have time to stay..

In The 'Buf': Pool People

This summer Mister Man and I spent many Saturday afternoons at our neighborhood pool. The experience was..

In the 'Buf': Boys will be boys

Last year my two little boys (ages  five and six) were helping Daddy clean out the..

In the 'Buf': OMG Is Luv Sol

Time and effort was applied to express feelings. No question, there are many advantages to the technology..

What I Don't

When I was sixteen years old, I desperately wanted to date Eddie Hackenlacker; as did every girl..

Oh the Weeds I've Watered

By Buffy Lawson Can you imagine looking out the front window and seeing your very intelligent neighbor watering..

Honey, do these jeans make my butt look big?

By Buffy Lawson Long, dramatic pause… GULP. “Well, do they?” So… what is he supposed to say… “No,..

In The Buf: Heather B. Melons

Her name was Heather B. Melons. She had long straight silky brown hair, stood 5 feet 7..

In the Buf: Relationship Tips

By Buffy Lawson There have been tons of books about the mystery of relationships. And for good reason!..

GIRLS NIGHT OUT (GNO): The best therapy on the planet

By Buffy Lawson I have never been an avid reader of self-help books. Not something ‘that I should..

To Snoop or Not to Snoop; That is the question

By Buffy Lawson, Relationship Veteran It’s quite a creepy thought, imagining somebody going through your purse and wallet,..


We had been living together for a couple of years and it was proving to be a..

Surrendering to Valentine's Day

This year I decided to do it. I vowed that I would surrender to Valentine’s Day. Being..

Red Flags

We have been warned and guided by them since the beginning of our dating careers. These relentless..

In the 'Buf': Merry Christmas Mom, Meet Steve

So you finally found the perfect man. He’s everything you ever hoped for and his actions make..

In the 'Buf': Money Compatibility

Money. One short word that seemingly makes the world go round. It has made poor men rich..

In the 'Buf': Thanksgiving Dinner

Most of us remember our first Thanksgiving cooking performance for the rest of our lives. Even if you are considered by..

In The Buf: Oh, What A Tangled Web We Have

“Sweetheart…do these jeans make my butt look big?Seriously, you can tell me the truth.”I didn’t notice his..

In The Buf: Shoot The Stupid Cupid

Society has always placed an unfair pressure on individuals indicating that we must be deeply involved in..

No More Taters

Step away from the mashed potatoes. Those spuds are not our friends. And, sadly as of January..

In the 'Buf': Hard on a Bombshell

No. Seriously. Please tell me these are not my thighs.Because last night when I went to..

In the 'Buf': Wilma

I had been warned by family, friends and Oprah. But it wasn’t until he moved her into..