The Etiquette of A Monogram

Most people know a monogram to be a creatively assembled set of letters. Little do we realize..

Is Less Best?

With one of the busiest months in the Kentucky calendar upon us, we strive to calculate how..

10 Tips for an Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt

One of the most fun Spring traditions is the Easter Egg Hunt. Gather your friends and family..

House Guests - A Two-sided Coin

In Central Kentucky many are taught, at a very young age, to love having “company”. Sleepovers grow..

Setting the Table for the Next Generation

February is the shortest month of the year, while harboring the most number of holidays. This little..

Five Steps to a DIY Valentine's Day Party

This Valentine’s Day celebrate your favorites with a DIY Valentine’s Day party. Whether you are hosting family,..

10 Tips for Hosting a Family Easter Party

Easter parties are one of the Spring’s first opportunities for an outdoor party. Easter is also a..

Five Steps to a DIY Valentine's Day Party

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your favorites with a DIY Valentine’s Day party. Whether you are hosting family,..

Hosting an Easter-Themed Spring Party

If you’ve spent the last couple of months cozied up in your favorite sweater with a mug..

Emerging Party Trends

Now that the ball has dropped and the confetti has been swept up, it’s time to think..


During the first part of January, much thought and conversation is centered around New Year’s Resolutions. These..

Christmas Fun with Kids

Most likely some of your most vivid childhood memories center around the holidays.  Christmas time truly can..

Meaningful Thanksgiving Touches

Thanksgiving means more than just turkey, stuffing, and football. What really makes Thanksgiving special is family and..

Who's in charge here?

Again, we are entering into one of the biggest party seasons of the year in Central Kentucky...

Healthy Halloween Party

For kids, Halloween is all about the candy. The costumes, parties, and trick or treat are all..

Keep Your Eyes Open to Develop Your Style

As the summer season passes, most people have enjoyed very comfortable entertaining better known as outside casual...

Hosting a Kids’ Party that Even Adults Can Enjoy

If you have school-age kids, you have probably attended your fair share of kids’ birthday parties. They..

Party to Go

Fall in the Bluegrass brings beautiful weather and many fun outdoor activities, like Picnic with the Pops,..

It's All in the Presentation

This title comes as a recurring theme in the Etiquette and Entertaining column. It was recently requested by..

Summer Movie Night

Summer nights are made for relaxing outdoors with friends. Casual, low-key celebrations are the way to go..

Traveling with Manners

Travel brochures, school alumnae trip offerings and group tours abound this time of the year. Many people..

Niceties or Nice Ties

A nicety is the subtle distinction of detail of etiquettes. In today’s terms, it is the difference between..

Summer Party Shortcuts

Hosting a summer party should be all about effortless entertaining. During summertime, little shortcuts to simplify entertaining..

Correspondence Etiquette - Better Late than Never

In the tech world of today, new methods of communication are constantly becoming available. People are striving..

How to Host a Fabulous Baby Shower

Celebrate a little one on the way with a fantastic fête in honor of their arrival. If..

Cell Phones - A Help or a Hindrance?

On April 3, 1973 Martin Cooper introduced the very first personal cellular telephone call to the public...

Host a Winning March Madness Party

It is definitely a great year to be a basketball fan in the Bluegrass! If you cheer..

Valentine's Day: Celebrate Your Little Ones

By Deanna Talwalkar, Party Planner Extraordinaire February is a sweet time of the year to celebrate your youngest..

Party Possibilities Galore

By Sue Ann Truitt February, the shortest month of the year, there are more holidays than in any..

Party Healthier

By Deanna Talwalkar The start of a New Year brings a new attitude! After the holidays, many of..

Wintertime Entertainment

By Sue Ann Truitt The rush of Fall and the holidays are over when Labor Day has kicked..

Easy Holiday Entertaining Tips

During the holidays, most of us open our home to numerous friends and family. Whether you are..

A Cozy Christmas…Shared

Just the word “cozy” conjures up thoughts of a crackling fire and feelings of warmth and comfort...

A Most Wonderful Holiday Celebration

By Deanna Talwalkar This holiday season, take your entertaining to new heights with this beautiful, rustic celebration. The..

Making Gift-Giving Meaningful

Many of us can remember writing a long wish list to Santa only to have our Mother..

Holiday Entertaining & Decorating

Whether it is the holiday traditions inherited from your family or those practiced in your home, it..

Reduce Stress with a Thanksgiving Timeline

By Deanna Talwalkar Thanksgiving celebrates great food, time with loved ones, and the blessings in our lives. If..

Shortcuts vs. Cut Short

By Sue Ann Truitt By this time of year retailers, magazines and media programs have informed everyone that the..

Thanksgiving: An All-Natural Approach

Our national holiday stems from the feast held in the autumn of 1621. George Washington suggested that..

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving dinners with my family are multi-generational affairs. Up to four generations attend the party, so accommodating..

Etiquette: Traditions - Tried and True or Beginning Anew

Traditions enrich our lives bestowing upon us a sense of belonging and being connected.  They help us..

Spooktacular Halloween Party for Kids

The days leading up to Halloween are a great time of year to host a Mini Monster..

DIY: Growing a Fall Centerpiece

By Sue Ann Truitt Keeneland, Football and college weekends all prove that Fall is in full swing. Each..

Party for a Cause

October is a great month to throw a party for a good cause. With milder temperatures and..

Celebrating the Everyday

By Deanna Talwalker Once schools starts, it feels like another summer has come to an end. Yet, it’s..

Enjoying Everyday Surprises

By Sue Ann Truitt Everyone loves that little unexpected something. It can be found in many forms –..

Planning a Family Reunion

By Deanna Talwalkar As a child, the Fourth of July holiday meant family reunions at Blue Licks Battlefield..

Back to School Ideas, Crafts and Parties!

By Deanna Talkwalker After what seems like a short summer, it’s already time for the kids to go..

Wine Time

By Sue Ann Truitt Wine Time—When is Wine Time? From a cartoon cocktail napkin, we find that it is..

Tailgating Parties

Fall in Kentucky means one thing to me—tailgating! What could be better than enjoying a beautiful fall..

From Whence Cometh Your Manners

By: Sue Ann Truitt Amy Vanderbilt? EmilyPost? Your Mother? Your Father? Your Grandmother? As you ponder the origin of..

TOP Party Themes for Kids

By Deanna Talwalkar Sometimes the hardest part of planning a party is just getting started. Often a good..

Host a Star Spangled Party

By Deanna Talwalker Party Planner Extraordinaire It’s almost time for America’s birthday! There’s no better way to celebrate than..

Tips on Tipping

By Sue Ann Truitt Showing gratitude monetarily in the form of a tip goes back to the 18th..

School's Out! Now What?

“Mom, I’m booooooored.” A couple of weeks into summer break, do you start to hear this phrase..

Party with a Purpose

By Sue Ann Truitt, Etiquette and Entertaining Expert The evolution of party giving has definitely changed in the..

Hosting an Empowering Tween Girl Party

Tween girls are at the delicate stage between little girl and teenager, so it’s important to celebrate..

8 Great Ways to Use Fabric for Parties

By Deanna Talwalkar, Party Planner Extraordinaire Ever since I walked into my grandmother’s sewing room as a child,..

Setting the Table

Whether you’re hosting a large family gathering or a formal sit down dinner, one of the most..

Spring Party Ideas

By Deanna Talwalkar Buttercups are blooming, birds are chirping, and lawn mowers are coming out of hibernation. Spring..