Chilly Dogs

It’s a scorcher out there. While it’s nice to lounge around in the A/C, chances are that..

As canine influenza spreads, officials urge vigilance

As a new strain of canine influenza continues to spread, including to some states bordering Kentucky, officials..

Taming Your WILD Cat

While all cats share some common personality traits, each cat has its own quirks and strange behaviors...

Finding a Home for your Pet

We used to balk at the phrase “In the Doghouse”.  But if you’ve been to a pet..

Pet Insurance: Should Fido be covered?

By Amanda Harper Anyone who has taken their pet for an emergency vet appointment knows very well just..

Pet Sounds

By Amanda Harper If you’ve ever been woken up at 3AM by a cat serenading you... If you’ve ever..

Paws, Claws and Automobiles

Traveling for the holidays?  You’re not alone.  According to AAA, over 94 million Americans will take a..

Holiday Hazards for Pets

The holidays are a wonderful time for pet parents and pets alike. All the decorations, parties and..

Keep Your Paws to Yourself

I grew up with three chihuahuas under the dinner table. Things haven’t really changed at my parents’ house. ..

Adopt... Don't Shop!

Prince and Little Daddy, two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier/ Dachshund mixes are a bonded pair. “They were given..

Bringing Pets to the Party

Holiday parties are a source of delight and amusement for humans, but they can be a source..

Pet Costumes

By Amanda Harper I love pet costumes.  About one-third of my excitement each year for Halloween is getting..

Tug of War

By Amanda Harper “Drop.  Drop it.  DROP!  LET... GO!” You’ve been there, right?  He thinks you’re playing Tug of..

5 Cool Ways to Chill With Your Dog

By Amanda Harper July.  The month of lemonade, sparklers and celebrating the birth of our nation (and me,..

Pupsicles: Frozen Treats for your Hot Dog This Summer

As the temperatures climb, keeping your dog hydrated and cool while you’re outside can become a challenge...

Moving With Fido

By Amanda Harper If you really think about it, human behavior probably seems pretty weird to a dog...

A Doggone Good Mudroom

By Amanda Harper, Pet Aficionado Mudrooms have been the “it” add-on for homeowners for several years now, and..

Memories of Hiking with Tillie of Indian Fort

Tillie was the name of the Border Collie mix in Berea, KY whose self-assigned job was to..

Posh Pet Presents

‘Tis the season of giving. Once you’ve taken care of the rest of your list and checked it..

In The Dark

With the chilly temperatures and shorter days, your dog’s evening and early morning walks may become less..

Pet Smarts: Traveling with your pet can be fun, easy if you take the right precautions

Summertime is officially here, which means it’s time for vacation! Unfortunately, vacation time often puts pet owners in..

Pet Birthdays

Do you know your pet’s birthdate? Do you do anything to celebrate it? Like every..

Pet Smarts: Dog Park Safety Tips

Dog parks: a place for dogs to play with other dogs uninhibited by leashes and rules- sounds..

Pet Smarts: Tragic loss of pet leads to a fulfilling, purpose-driven career choice

This is a question I get often, especially by school age children and wonderful clients that like..

Pet Fitness Equipment

Did you know that they make miniature treadmills, just for dogs? Oh yeah!  There are pet kiddie..

Posh Paws: Mourning a Pet

It’s never easy to say goodbye. But is grieving the loss of a pet as difficult and..

Posh Paws: It's Complicated

I love my cat. But like every relationship in life, it’s complicated. And some days, I could..

Posh Paws: Pet Lessons

When a friend of mine was a girl, she had a little puppy. One day, she wasplaying..

Posh Paws: Petcessorizing

Do you accessorize your pet? Some pet parents can’t imagine sticking to the basics. They have a treasure trove..

Pet Food & Nutrition

Most pet parents have a fairly regimented diet for their pets, choosing to feed their pets the..

Posh Paws: Community Service With Your Dog

If you’re a dog owner and you’re community-minded, you may not know that you and your pooch have..

Posh Paws: Pet Mementos and Portraits

My parents built a deck behind their house some years ago. At the foot of the steps leading..

The Pet-Friendly Home Renovation

Doing some home remodeling this spring? You’re not alone! From simple home changes to major renovations, spring is..

Show Your Pet Some Love

They’ve been constant companions throughout the year, offering you love and devotion through thick and thin. They’ve..

Unusual Animals

Most folks categorize them-selves as one of two sorts: a dog person or a cat person. But..

Make That Kitty Quit Clawing

Kitty clawing habits are a huge source of frustration for cat owners. Trying to curb these destructive..

Posh Paws: Groom for Improvement

Many pet owners opt to rely on professional grooming services to handle all aspects of pet coat..

Posh Paws: Gardening with Pets

Gardening is an excellent way to spruce up your home and relax, but for pet owners, the..

Posh Paws: Wintertime Pet Fitness

The New Year makes a great time to kickstart a new plan for living healthier and feeling..

Obedience Training: Is It Right for Your Pet?

Does your pet need to go back to school? Training a pet can be challenging, but the rewards..

Pet Allergies

My aunt has a basset hound that’s allergic to grass. Considering that the grass in the yard..