KET’s 28th Summer Celebration showcases garden glamour

KET invites guests to enjoy an evening of garden-party glamour at the 28th annual Summer Celebration. This..

Gardening: Weeds Be Gone

By definition, a weed is a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition..

Kentucky Children’s Garden

Spring has sprung and the gates are open at the Kentucky Children’s Garden at the Arboretum. The..

What to Plant and When

The mounds of snow have melted, the winter blues are lifted, and Spring has sprung. It’s time..

Colorful Escape

Life can be stressful. Work and family obligations, errands, and a never ending to do list. In..

Get Your Winter Gardening Fix

As we settle into another cold winter, what better time to enrich your mind and expand your..

Tropical Paradise

Gardening zones are like an artist’s palette. Based on the extreme highs and lows of each region,..

Art in the Garden

A garden is inherently artistic. The colors, patterns, and landscape design combine to create a beautiful portrait...

The Summer Soak of 2015

Gardening is like life. There are sunny bright days and gloomy, rain soaked, sullen days. But just..

CSA Keeps It Local

Community Supported Agriculture, better known as CSA, has been around for decades, but at the rate it..

Get Your Cluck On

They’re fun, feathered, and a food source. The urban chicken keeping movement is spreading across Lexington. I..

The Future of Farming

The future of farming is so bright I gotta wear shades. Sorry, I could not resist the..

Cages, Stakes and Trellises, Oh My!

I ogle the gardening catalogs every year and not just for the flowers, plants, and vegetables. It’s..


The use of greenhouses dates back centuries. Typically found on estates on a grande scale, they were..

Home and Garden Experts

Check out these Lexington Home & Garden experts! ..

Flowers & Plants

By Michelle Rauch, Gardening Enthusiast My mother always told me flowers are food for the soul. I couldn’t..

The Valentine Rose

By Michelle Rauch I have a confession—I have never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. The realist..

Container Gardening

By Michelle Rauch Being the procrastinator that I am, coupled with the earlier arrival of winter which caught..

Gifts for Gardeners

By Michelle Rauch What’s a gardener to do in December? Bleak, blustery days highlighted not with visions of sugar..

Poinsettia Primer

It’s the time of year you will be seeing red. Lots of red, plus shades of pink..

Choosing the Right Tree

Cedar, spruce and fir, oh my! Variety may indeed be the spice of life, and that philosophy..

Gardening for Heart Health

By Michelle Rauch As we focus on heart disease in this month’s issue it is a reminder of..

Simple Things

By Michelle Rauch  For the second summer in a row my humble backyard garden has yielded less than..

Home Gardening: Sensational Succulents

I am starting to fancy succulents. You may know them best as cacti and aloe vera plants,..

Cucumbers, Who Knew?

By Michelle Rauch The consensus seems to be it’s so hard to lose weight in the summer. I..

Learning Through Gardening

By Michelle Rauch To dig in the dirt and plant the seeds that will grow into beautiful flowers..

Attracting Hummingbirds

By: Michelle Rauch They can put on quite a show fluttering upside down, forward, and backwards at..

Enhancing Patio Ambiance

By Michelle Rauch From the curb appeal of the front door to the interior of the home and..

Rain Garden

Rain, rain, go away or at least drain the right of way. We need rain in our..

Gardening: Adding Curb Appeal

By Michelle Rauch, Gardening Enthusiast First impressions aren’t limited to people. If you have ever been house hunting you..

Spring At Last

By Michelle Rauch Punxsutawney Phil got it right this year when he saw his shadow back in February,..

Attracting Birds and Butterflies

There are three basic needs birds and butterflies have that are not unlike our own. They need..

Home & Garden: Interiors

By Amanda Harper Photos by Shaun Ring, unless otherwise noted ..

Home Gardening: Beginner's Mistakes

This Spring will be my third year into what I still consider a very new hobby for..

Winter Herb Gardening

The winter months can leave gardeners longing for warmer weather and the opportunity to dig in the..

Healthy, Money-Smart, Sustainable Living

(NAPSI)—Small decisions can make a big difference over time on your carbon footprint, and some of the..

Deciding On The Right Dishwasher

(NAPSI)—If you're done with doing dishes, you're not alone. According to a recent survey conducted by Harris..

Five Pruning Tips

(NAPSI)—Pruning shrubs helps produce new and healthier growth plus keeps them at a manageable size. Here are..

Preserve Tapes, Movie Film, Slides And Photos: Five Tips For Treasuring Memories

(NAPSI)—Produce isn’t the only perishable in your home—memories are at risk, as well. With the introduction of..

Brighten Your Bathroom In A Weekend

(NAPSI)—If you’re looking for a fun makeover project, the easiest room to redecorate may be your bathroom...

Consumers Want Bigger And Better TVs

(NAPSI)—Consumers are proving that bigger is better—at least when it comes to home entertainment systems. According to..

Help Protect Your Home From Mother Nature’s Wrath

(NAPSI)—Don’t let potentially damaging and expensive leaks throughout your home take your wallet by surprise. Instead, protect..

Easy Home Heating Projects That Save Money

(NAPSI)—Make your home feel warmer without turning up the heat this winter. The average family spends $1,400..

Turning Chaos Into Calm With Organization

(NAPSI)—Every home has a central gathering space where people spend most of their time. This area could..

Hot Tips On Safe Microwave Use

(NAPSI)—You can protect yourself and your family from the dangers of foodborne, illness-causing bacteria, such as Salmonella,..

So You Think You’re Covered

(NAPSI)—Sometimes it seems like the news just keeps repeating itself: Another natural disaster is right around the..

After The Storm: Tips For Dealing With Exterior Mold And Mildew

(NAPSI)—After the winds have subsided, the rain has stopped and floodwaters have receded, many homeowners find themselves..

Reclaim Your Garage In A Weekend

(NAPSI)—Is your garage dingy, cluttered and in need of a facelift? Transforming it into a “showroom” for..

3 Biggest Lighting Mistakes

(NAPSI)—Homeowners don’t have to be in the dark when it comes to avoiding common lighting mistakes. Here..

Bring The Beach Into Your Home Year-Round

(NAPSI)—There's nothing better than digging your toes in the warm sand, breathing crisp, salty air or hearing..

Laundry 101—Making Sense Of Sensors

(NAPSI)—There’s good news for those who feel they waste too much time on laundry day, waiting for..

Grow With Me: From Tot To Teen

(NAPSI)—Designing a functional and clutter-free room that grows with your child can be a tall order. The..

How To Make Your Spa Sensational

(NAPSI)—When the weather cools, few things can beat a nice warm spa. A bubbling spa soaks away..

Play Dress Up With Your Bathroom

(NAPSI)—When it comes to the bathroom, there are simple, stylish and budget-friendly ways to creatively dress it..

Terrariums: a retro garden that's making a comeback

It's a flashback to my 70s childhood. Terrariums are back! A terrarium, simply put, is a garden in..

Gardening: Remember to Care for Your Feathered Friends This Winter

Salads, fresh fruits, and vegetables tempt my taste buds during the Spring and Summer. I savor soups,..

Grow Your Own Super Foods

You are what you eat. Consuming super foods can make a super body. But if you’ve ever..


The crunch of fallen leaves, crisp autumn air, and a palette of picture perfect colors. Fall is..

Earth Day 2013

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.  ..

Gardening: Feast or Famine, Reflections on my 2012 Garden

A cherry tomato explosion. A zucchini bonanza. Mint, enough said. That’s the feast. Now to the famine:..