In the Buf: Progress

Watching the news, surfing the web, or taking a stroll down memory lane, all teach us one..

Super Mom: Brooke Griffin

Since 2011, when Brooke Griffin started Skinny Mom, a website focused on helping women live healthier, she..

Toxins in the Home

The pollution in the air outdoors has been well publicized. When we retreat to our homes, many..

What's the Deal with Baby Brain?

Have you ever found your keys in the refrigerator or lost your train of thought mid-sentence? Perhaps..

Kids Room Tour: A Sweet Suite

This endearing girl’s room features sweet tones of pink and turquoise. The classic white bed is fitted..

Young Achievers

Every year, the “Young Achievers” program for 5th and 8th graders names a school winner from participating..

Finding the Right Living Option for your Elderly Loved Ones

As parents and other loved ones age, a prime concern is finding a place for them to..

Kids Room Tour: Twinspiration

Designing the perfect suite for twin girls may seem like a daunting task, but the Design Link..

Super Mom: Heather Wehrheim

As a single parent, working two jobs, including being the advocacy director for the American Lung Association..

Kids Room Tour: Recreational Hangout

Todd Hopper is the master of surprises. In addition to commissioning Nancy Elam and Design Link to..

Countdown to Kindergarten Summer Schedule

Kindergarteners starting in Fayette County Public Schools this fall can participate in several fun and educational activities..

MDA: From Shamrocks to Summer Camp

The Muscular Dystrophy Association gives Kids the Summer of a Lifetime. Thanks to medical advancements, kids and teens..

Super Mom: Summer Gortney

Summer Gortney and her husband, Gabe, have two children, Maddax and Gannon. From working full-time as the..

Mothers and Daughters

I was one of those children whose mother spoke the prophetic words, “Someday you’ll have a child..

Books are just the Beginning

What does a library mean to you? Traditionally, it’s a source for borrowing books, movies, and periodicals; reading..

Summer Camps 2016

2016 Camp Shakespeare Kentucky Shakespeare 194 North Limestone St., Lexington (502) 574-9900 | Dates: June 15-July 17 Adventure Camp Life Adventure Center 570..

Super Mom: Beth Parker

Beth and her daughters, Chase and Campbell, love anything outdoors. Whether it is walking to lunch, going..

Family Camping

If you’re thinking about summer activities for your family, you should know that camping is one of..


Recently, a group of friends discussed the ups and downs—and importance—of teaching our children manners. I remember..

Family Movie Night

Who doesn’t love family movie night? Introducing our children to great stories on the big screen allows..

Better Living in 2016: Manage Stress

2016 IS YOUR YEAR TO MANAGE STRESS No matter what your age, gender or background, you probably have..

Better Living in 2016: Get your finances in order

2016 IS YOUR YEAR TO GET YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER Are you one of the millions of Americans..

Better Living in 2016: Organize your home

2016 IS YOUR YEAR TO ORGANIZE YOUR HOME Cutting out clutter makes everything in your home better looking,..

Christmas Shopping Back in the Day

I often feel a little sorry for parents of young kids. I was fortunate enough to make..

Tech Generation Gap

Not so long ago my Mom asked my youngest daughter to rewind a DVD.  And there was a..

Shopping with Kids in Tow

When I got married, someone warned me, “You’ll find places in stores you never knew existed.” Truth...

Right of Passage

There's something about boys and knives that I just don’t understand. But I‘ve learned: they’re an essential..

Moving Out

A friend of mine recently listed her big beautiful home for sale. The house that has been..

Shopping With Young Men

If I ever complain about taking my girls shopping, stop me.  And remind me about my boys. Do you..

Stuff and Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is such a great ritual. The first signs of warm weather always get me thinking..

Love Languages for Grownups

By Hallie Bandy If your new year’s resolution was to rekindle some romance, maybe it’s time to rethink..

Quit Embarrassing Me: More Tales from a Mother Overboard

If I ever question what resolutions I should make for the coming year, I need only ask..

Family Pets

By Hallie Bandy If your kids are asking for a pet this Christmas, I have two words: do..

At Home with the Stoops Family

By Elizabeth Troutman Adams With the hands of adoring Big Blue fans stretching toward him, Coach Mark Stoops..

Answered Prayers

By Hallie Bandy During a month focused on gratitude, it’s easy to recognize the obvious. But when I..

Legend of a Halloween Grinch

By Hallie Bandy  There have been glimpses since the moment stores put away their Fourth of July paraphernalia,..

MOM-COM: Texting the Kids

Growing up, I remember “that Mom” in our neighborhood. You know who I’m talking about. The entire..

From Goo Goo Ga Ga to Chatterbox: Your Baby's Leap Into Verbal Communication

Communication and the systems that support using sounds begin to develop very early in life!  A baby..

10 Tips for Creating Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

By Allison Davis As a mom of a very energetic and inquisitive seven year old, I know firsthand..

Maid Fee

By Buffy Lawson Mister Man and I try hard to keep our lines of communication open when it..

Family Fitness Fun!

By Amy McGowan, Owner of Gymboree Play & Music Picture this—a beautiful Kentucky summer day; blue sky, big..

Take Precautions Now to Prevent Future Theft

By John Hayne, Asst. Fayette County Attorney  Having prosecuted hundreds of cases in Lexington over the last several years,..

2014 TOPS Kids Cover Contest benefiting the Children's Advocacy Center

TOPS in Lexington hosted a Kids Cover Contest in July 2014 in order to raise funds and..

Shopping for School Supplies

By Hallie Bandy I had a friend with eight kids. I used to sign up for nursery duty..

Moving Up

By Dana Sizemore It’s back to school time again, and very soon kids everywhere will be filing..

College Prep 101

By Erika Smith Senior Guidance Counselor and College Planner, Lexington Catholic High School Preparing for college starts early these..

Tips for Going Back to School

By Bonnie Dailey  1. Decide on a Major By deciding on a major before enrolling, you will not waste..

Age is Just a Number in the Equation

By Bonnie Dailey After graduating high school, many adolescents struggle with the decision on whether to go to..

How to Pay for College

By Alexa Bacon In today’s economic environment, acquiring a college degree is more vital than ever. Many studies..

Getting There is Half the Fun(?)

By Hallie Bandy The road trip—one of the great rites of passage for every family. I grew up riding..

Digging Myself Out

By Hallie Bandy It happens this time every year. Sun. Dirt. Rain. Seeds. I’m convinced it’s genetic. Maybe I’m..

Adventures in Home Renovations

By Hallie Bandy, "Mother Over-board" “Do we get to keep the guns?” My boys seethed with enthusiasm when I..

Warm Memories

By Hallie Bandy I love creating great memories for my kids, though I’ve realized over the years my..

30-Minute Meals

By Hallie Bandy, Motheroverboard I’ll admit, I really hoped Rachel Ray had something with her 30-minute meal concept,..

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

By Deanna Talwalkar, Party Planner Extraordinaire If you have a little boy in your life, you probably already..

Retirement Plan: Don't Touch My Dials

I tend to think I’m taking middle age pretty well. I do what I can to stay..

Game On

For me, it’s all about staying warm. Reading books, watching movies and of course, breaking out the..

I'm on a Low-Stress Diet

I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions. Honestly, if something is worth doing, why wait until..

Getting Children Involved

As the Holidays approach, excitement escalates.  Music, lights and decorations abound, building everyone’s enthusiasm.  There is a..