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"I would say between Main Street Live and Blue Moon. I like the Blue Moon now since they play some of today's music. It's a great place I think!!!!"

AL,  Cynthiana, Kentucky  |   Dec 16, 2007


CJ,  OWINGSVILLE, KY  |   Dec 10, 2007


DD,  ,   |   Dec 6, 2007

"Caddyshacks2 or wherever Nightcrawer is playing. Awesome bandn new to Lexington and the best kept secret in town."

jw,  Lexington, KY  |   Nov 28, 2007

"Yeah, Austin City can be alright, George Molton rocks, i must say i agree with TM, avery glenn and southern blend i think is their name, anyways they are terrible, its about time they got a real band back. I don't think Avery plays there anymore, heard he got the boot."

SA,  Nicholasville, KY  |   Nov 16, 2007

"austin city baby, theres george molton, tim gore and driven and many many great ones like them!!!!! c-ya at the city....."

mb,  liberty, kentucky  |   Nov 16, 2007

"Cadillac Ranch for sure. Unlike the bar down the road, the staff is friendly and "Mr. Twinkles" is not the first person (or thing) you see when you enter the front door, lol. The atmosphere is so much better at the Ranch and the mix of music is great. And Avery at Austin City is not a good singer, just watch when he sings, he shakes and strains to hit notes, it's hilarious. He'll never be nothing."

TM,  Lexington, KY  |   Nov 6, 2007

"CADILLAC RANCH....Brad Alford & Saddletramp Rock!! Gotta love Josh behind the bar too."

KS,  Winchester, KY  |   Nov 2, 2007


CC,  LEXINGTON, KY.  |   Nov 2, 2007

"Cadillac Ranch - awesome band, great bartenders, DJ plays good dance music, and a fox in the beer booth on Saturday nights!"

DJ,  Lexington, KY  |   Sep 28, 2007


MS,  MT STERLING, KY  |   Sep 27, 2007

"The Dame"

jw,  frankfort, ky  |   Sep 23, 2007

"Captain Jacks Pier, (Regattas) Great location, great service, especially on Sundays with the Greg Austin Band and a young girl singer named Chelsea Adams."

KP,  Lexington, Kentucky  |   Aug 15, 2007

"Wherever SwingStreet is playing! They are the best kept secret in Lexington!!! AWESOME dance band!!!"

at,  lexington, KY  |   Jul 31, 2007

"The Bar Complex. Strong drinks and a great show. Fun for all!"

AD,  Lex, KY  |   Jun 16, 2007

"Two Keys Tavern is by far the best club in Lex"

JT,  Carlisle, Ky  |   Jun 3, 2007

"I would say a tie between Cowboys and Solid Platnum."

AD,  Lexington, Kentucky  |   May 31, 2007


TH,  Paris, ky  |   May 13, 2007

"Cocktails, after 10 drinks are cheap and strong. Local bar atmosphere, bartenders will know you by name after the first time."

DB,  Lexington, KY  |   Apr 18, 2007


RS,  lexington, Kentucky  |   Feb 1, 2007

"Chevy Chase Inn, nothing better!"

AC,  Lexington, Kentucky  |   Jan 26, 2007


LH,  PARIS, KY  |   Jan 26, 2007

"The Newly renovated Whiskey River in A1A now Main Street Live, cause of the rockin' country band Scott Said and The Backroads Band...Momma at Austin City wanted them, but couldn't rope 'em."

RK,  Winchester, KY  |   Jan 25, 2007

"O"Neills !!!!!"

bw,  lexington, KY  |   Jan 24, 2007

"The new Live on Main is cool (where Avio used to be)"

JB,  Lexington, Kentucky  |   Jan 23, 2007

"I love Austin City and Gambinos. I heard a rumor Gambinos closed down. Is that true??"

BB,  Louisville, ky  |   Jan 21, 2007

"O'neils is a great place for dance and fun!"

TR,  FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY  |   Jan 18, 2007

"Redmon's new place "The Bluegrass Tavern." Jack White was there."

,  ,   |   Jan 12, 2007

"Goodfellas Pizzeria fo sho. After the bar their is nothing better. That's where I party."

CK,  Lexington, KY  |   Jan 9, 2007

"Bogart's. Good for all ages."

TG,  Paris, Ky  |   Jan 4, 2007

"The Cadillac Ranch is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights! Saturdays are packed but Fridays are more relaxed! Loud music-huge dance floor- the bull- and Gary and Josh the bartenders can make any drink you can think of. Everyone's friendly, none of the stuck up people you see at the other places, and a very diverse crowd in age, race, and class."

LH,  Lexington, KY  |   Jan 1, 2007

"I LOVE the FURNITURE BEAR! every monday night first 100 people get free all you can drink, and TACO JOHNSON is hanging out there nearly every night!!!"

EW,  Lexington, Kentucky  |   Dec 12, 2006

"I love Redmon's!! Its the spot for a REAL Ky girl. Thursdays 2 for 1 wells, Kenny, and Larry... you can't beat that."

SF,  Midway, KY  |   Dec 8, 2006

""World Famous" Two Keys Tavern...newly renovated and staffed...better get there early!!!"

CH,  LEXINGTON, KY  |   Dec 5, 2006

"Friday nights at Collins lounge is usually packed, we always have fun there it's really loud and yes the KJ needs to be on American Idol!"

th,  lexington, ky  |   Dec 3, 2006

"O'Neills ! Best bands in Lexington ! Great party atmosphere !"

GC,  Lexington, KY  |   Nov 29, 2006

"When is the best night and time to be at Salottos. I've heard the name but know nothing. Plus whats the dress code? Dress to impress?"

SL,  Lex, Ky  |   Nov 22, 2006

"I agree. Salottos is a blast. Whats the deal for this "PLUSH" party everyone is talking about there?"

lj,  Lexington, KY  |   Nov 21, 2006

"There is no doubt in my mine that Lexington's newest tiop spot is Salotto's. A touch of class goes a long way in my opinion. Ive been there twice and both times had an unbeelievable time."

sb,  Lexington, KY  |   Nov 21, 2006

"Oscar's or Harry's- Nice and relaxing! Great Food and atmosphere"

JL,  Lexington, KY  |   Nov 20, 2006

"Cadilliac Ranch, been going since the doors opened, always lively and everyone is friendly. Oh yeah....Brad and Saddletramp got to love them."

,  Richmond, Ky  |   Nov 18, 2006

"Austin City. Greg Austin, Ray Adams, Jack White, Avery, what else could you want???"

JC,  Lexington, KY  |   Nov 16, 2006

"Anything Goes on Winchester Road!!!"

MJ,  lexington, KY  |   Nov 9, 2006

"Friday and Saturday nights Eastland Bowling Eleventh Frame Karaoke Lounge!! Dancing, Drinking, hot girls and guys!! And the BEST SINGER Lexington has The KJ can sing anything I think his name is Brian, OMG can he sing!!!!!"

cl,  lexington, ky  |   Nov 5, 2006

"Squires rocks"

cw,  lex,   |   Nov 3, 2006

"Monday Night- Any sports bar if the games sucks and you love Live Blues goto "TeeDee's (TD)" Bar on second and Elmtree. Tuesday's-BW3's on Campus. Discount on wings and cute college girls. Weds-Wherever they'r doing "Working Woman Wednesday", Thursday-The strip (Gambinos, 2Keys, Pazzos & Solattos. Friday-Buddy's Lounge and Blue Moon, Saturday-Z1 whenever they have Reggae Night, Horseshoes-For the swinging meatmarket, Richmond Road Applebees for Happy Hour-Chuck Rules, Sunday-Bogarts, Nice and cozy."

GW,  Lexington, KY  |   Oct 21, 2006

"Bogarts on Suday nights, and They are open till 1 AM !!! Awesome! ! Cool bartenders and crowd.......nicest bar in LEX, DJ, and Dance floor. Cutestest Bartender in town..... who wouldn't want a drink from that cutie! Great dancing and social time...away from the big night riff raff. Chill with the cool people. I love it and so will careful...gets packecd fast...after 10!"

CL,  Lex, KY  |   Oct 20, 2006

"pleaze believe it, believe it pleaze. givin props to redmons on Main. 2 for 1 Hennessey on Thurs nights. they got da feel good music. make ya wanna DANCE"

MC,  Lexington, KY  |   Oct 13, 2006

"Comedy off Braodway...First tuesday of the month because we get to see Drew Williams and Aaron jones and Titus Mayhorn in one night!!!"

GQ,  Lexington, Ky  |   Oct 9, 2006

"Heard alot of good things about Buddy's on this site. Can anyone tell me how busy it gets on Friday."

jj,  Lexington, KY  |   Oct 6, 2006

"Harvey's and The Dame."

JB,  Lexington, KY  |   Oct 4, 2006

"Not sure who Carl is, but Buddy's is the spot! FO SHO"

JR,  GEORGETOWN, ky  |   Oct 3, 2006

"let me tell you...there is magic in that wand of Carl's. I go to buddy's every Friday just to see him"

pd,  lexington, ky  |   Oct 3, 2006

"ditto that on Carl's butt at Buddy's"

cm,  lexington, ky  |   Oct 3, 2006

"We like Buddy's because of the HOT bartender named Carl. He makes great drinks and has a nice butt!!!"

mc,  Lexington, KY  |   Oct 3, 2006


BC,  lexington, KY  |   Oct 3, 2006

"O'Neil's is the bomb! My boyfriend and I go there at least every other Thursday."

JS,  Lexington, Kentucky  |   Oct 3, 2006


BW,  Lexington, KY  |   Oct 3, 2006


NB,  LEXINGTON, KY  |   Oct 2, 2006


ab,  lexington, ky  |   Sep 29, 2006

"The Racquet Club on Thurs night is great...the dj sometimes plays lame songs, aka "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"...but otherwise it is THE place to be on Thurs alternates, DJ one week, a band plays the next week"

PD,  Lexington, KY  |   Sep 28, 2006

"redmons/solid platinum"

,  ,   |   Sep 27, 2006

"Gambinos has the nicest bar in town with the hottest bartenders anywhere! The girl bartenders are hot as well!! :)"

ag,  lexington, ky  |   Sep 26, 2006

"cadilliac ranch.......................its the best"

mj,  LEXINGTON, ky  |   Sep 23, 2006

"Austin City Saloon - 8:00PM on Sat.-Greg Austin, Ray Adams and Avery - AWESOME!!"

LM,  Georgetown, KY  |   Sep 23, 2006


CG,  Lexington, KY  |   Sep 22, 2006

"Austin City Saloon!"

AR,  Lexington, kentucky  |   Sep 21, 2006


JJ,  Louisville, KY  |   Sep 20, 2006

"One word - Redmon's!"

KH,  Nashville, TN  |   Sep 19, 2006

"Anywhere Bo Allen and Scarekrow is playing!!"

DR,  Lexington, Ky  |   Sep 19, 2006

"the blue moon is off the hook nothing better on a saturady night"

cc,  lexington, ky  |   Sep 18, 2006

"Anywhere Mike Sullivan is playing Regatta's, Campus Pub, and John Michael's"

al,  lexington, kentucky  |   Sep 14, 2006


MM,  Lexington, KY  |   Sep 14, 2006

"CLOSE TIE b/w 5: ANNA BELLE's Cheapside Triple Crown Lounge Atomic HARVEYS Everywhere else is dirt!!!"

bm,  LEX, KY  |   Sep 13, 2006

"Austin City No question"

JC,  Lexington, KY  |   Sep 12, 2006

"The Dame!"

BP,  Lexington, KY  |   Sep 9, 2006

"Bogart's - Nicest bar in town! 2 Hot guys and 2 cool chicks behind the bar! I like the Big blonde boy, but the dark haired one is Soo Cute! Good music, Dance or Chill! Great Place! Crowd is better than anywhere else."

KR,  Lexington, Ruff  |   Sep 3, 2006

"O"Neills !!!!"

bw,  Lexigton, KY  |   Aug 31, 2006

"My girlfriends and I like Avio! We can have a great time and not get too bothered. Great drinks!! Especially when the guys buy them for you! Come and see us (and buy us a drink) We are the really hot girls."

sb,  UK, UK  |   Aug 29, 2006

"the signature club!!!!!!!!!!! wonderful atmosphere, strong drinks, great music, and always a lively crowd."

sn,  lexington, ky  |   Aug 29, 2006

"Racquet Club on Thursday night. Great service and best DJ in town."

CP,  Lexington, KY  |   Aug 27, 2006

"Marikka's and Lynagh's."

CT,  Lexington, KY  |   Aug 26, 2006

"CAMPUS PUB! It's a great place to go to be with great friends. Good people, good music, good drinks. I love playing cornhole on the patio and pool inside. And the bartenders are hot."

LS,  Lexington, KY  |   Aug 25, 2006

"CAMPUS PUB ROCKS!!! Great atmosphere, great people, and a lot of great times! And WOW what a place to catch a UK Game!!!"

VS,  Lexington, KY  |   Aug 25, 2006

"CHEAPSIDE Mike Tutt is the best bartender in LEX."

cs,  lex, ky  |   Aug 23, 2006

"Schools back in. Two Keys rocks. Always has. New in town? Take it from an "upperclassman". Best 8 years of my life were spent there."

BD,  Lexington, KY  |   Aug 22, 2006

"The Racquet Club Best drinks in town.......very nice club. Super place to meet people."

MD,  Lexington, KY  |   Aug 18, 2006

"Country Music Fans. Austin City.. say hey to "Momma". Horseshoes and Cadillac Ranch!! Cold Beer. Makes the women look real good."

rn,  Lexington, ky  |   Aug 15, 2006

"Bogart's at the Capbell House Sunday Night ! DJ , Open till 1 on Sunday. Beautiful Club, great crowd, good place for other industry people to meet-up."

AW,  Lexington, KY  |   Aug 15, 2006


ER,  lexington,EHR, KENTUCKY  |   Aug 15, 2006

"Chinoe Pub, its fun and drinks are not too much."

DB,  Lexington, Ky.  |   Aug 12, 2006

"O'Neill's by far - there is no comparison locally! There has never been a bad band, bad service, or bad drink!!"

CP,  Lexington, KY  |   Aug 9, 2006

"Patchen Pub rocks, love the bartenders"

LM,  The LEX, KY  |   Aug 9, 2006

"My Place!"

mm,  Lexington, KY  |   Aug 9, 2006

"Austin City Salloon. Avery Glenn is the best!!!"

sd,  Lexington, KY  |   Aug 7, 2006

"AVIO is by far the best. There is smoething for everyone all under one roof. The bartenders are hot and the crowd is diverse."

jj,  lexington, ky  |   Aug 7, 2006

"McCarthy's downdown right down from Harveys"

lg,  Lexington, ky  |   Aug 4, 2006

"Austin city Saloon"

AD,  Lex, ky  |   Aug 1, 2006

"The Moon is by far the best in town. The best bartenders in the state work there. Some of them are very appealing!!!"

zz,  lexington, ky  |   Jul 31, 2006

"O'Neills - Fun atmoshpere, great bands and excellent food! Love the patio!"

DF,  Lexington, KY  |   Jul 30, 2006

"The Racquet Club at 3900 Crosby Dr. The food there is one of the best kept secrets in Lexington and the service and staff are outstanding."

sl,  Lexington, KY  |   Jul 28, 2006

"Harry's in Hamburg!!!!! There's no better place on Sat. night."

ML,  Georgetown, KY  |   Jul 24, 2006

"Gambinos by far. Live Music outside, Large dancefloor with DJ everynight, most beautiful bartenders in town, $10 all you can drink on Monday's and Thursdays, A large patio, and 4 bars. It doesn't get any better than this!! If you've never been, you MUST check it out!"

JH,  Lexington, KY  |   Jul 20, 2006

"In the Summer we really enjoy Cheapside, the patio is great and so is the entertainment indoors. Caddyshack's is a lot of fun too with the karaoke :)"

ST,  Lexington, KY  |   Jul 18, 2006

"cadillac ranch by far. best band, bartenders and aint no one a stranger at the ranch. Im there every saturday."

J$,  lexington, ky  |   Jul 18, 2006

"Gambinos, easily. Good people, great bartenders, and specials 4 out of 6 nights!"

AR,  Lexington, KY  |   Jul 17, 2006

"The Raquet Club by far, then theres always the deck and pool on sundays with the best view in town!"

JS,  lexington, ky  |   Jul 15, 2006

"Shamrock in Patchen. The best place around."

MG,  Lexington, Kentucky  |   Jul 13, 2006


CA,  london, KY  |   Jul 5, 2006

"we love horseshoes saloon and just love the band there hasty street rocks!!!was just there thurs the 29th!!had a blast..fa..lawrenceburg"

fa,  LAWRENCEBURG, ky  |   Jul 1, 2006

"THE MOON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best bartender in town woks there!!! go see for yourself !!!!!!!!!!!"

SD,  Lexington, Kentucky  |   Jun 30, 2006

"Downtown... Dudley's and desha's... Dudley's always great. deshas has the unbelievable cornbread. Reasonable prices."

ES,  Lexington, KY  |   Jun 30, 2006

"The Signature Dinner Club! State of the art decor, great music and crowd!"

KH,  Lexington, KY  |   Jun 30, 2006

"Cadillac Ranch is awesome! They have the mechanical bull, hot waitresses, and a huge dance floor!"

MM,  Lexington, KY  |   Jun 29, 2006

"Avio has everything dancing, live music,karaoke and the biggest patio in town."

ko,  lexington, ky  |   Jun 28, 2006

"Horseshoes Saloon is the place to be. Hasty Street Rocks!!!!!! "Always somethin' happenin' at the Shoe""

BA,  Lexington, ky  |   Jun 27, 2006

"CC, we don't need ya! Austin City is the place to be for great music, cold beer, and hot guys. No house band in Central Kentucky beats Avery Glen and Crosswind, and match those guys up with Puddin' and Greg Austin and you can't beat their winning hand!"

SM,  Lexington, KY  |   Jun 27, 2006

"Avio, it's got something for everyone. And you can't beat the drink price of "free.""

CT,  Lexington, KY  |   Jun 26, 2006

"Campus Pub and Patchen Pub. They've got great bartenders and a laid back atmosphere. Always a great place to chill with your friends."

AC,  Lexington, Kentucky  |   Jun 26, 2006

"Cadilliac Ranch every Thurs,Fri,and Saturday night! Brad Alford And Saddletramp are awesome! And finally they have a DJ who gets the crowd hyped up and in a party mood!!!! You all can have ACS.... for me it's THE RANCH!!!"

CC,  Lexington, Ky  |   Jun 25, 2006

"Bogart's at Crowne Plaza late on Sundays! Awesome Crowd ! ! ! !"

TH,  Lexington, KY  |   Jun 24, 2006

"O'Neill's Good food, live music, dance floor, nice mixture of age among the clientelle"

jd,  lexington, ky  |   Jun 24, 2006


jd,  lex, ky  |   Jun 24, 2006

"Eastland Bowling Alley"

AA,  Paris, KY  |   Jun 22, 2006


DM,  lexington, ky  |   Jun 21, 2006

"MURRAYS patio bar is THE best"

AG,  Georgetown, KY  |   Jun 20, 2006

"Chinoe Pub a"

JB,  Lexington, KY  |   Jun 19, 2006


JS,  Lexington, KY  |   Jun 19, 2006

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