UK Men's Tennis Eliminated in SEC Tournament

04/19/2014 03:32 PM
UK Men's Tennis Eliminated in SEC Tournament

The No. 2 seeded Texas A&M Aggies used the doubles point and three singles wins on courts three, four and six to advance into Sunday's championship match of the 2014 Southeastern Conference Tournament at the Curry Tennis Center in Nashville, Tenn., knocking out the Wildcats in the semifinals.


"I'm disappointed with the outcome of this match. I thought the doubles point was important, but not a killer. We had the lead, but they are both good teams and the match on one could have gone either way. We talked in the locker room about playing all six singles matches and after a rough start the first five to 10 minutes, we played better. We were not able to close out the first set on four and six and not able to come back at three, but we had our chances. I'm also disappointed at myself. I should have had them more ready to play and do something special. There was no difference in talent, and Texas A&M wanted it more than we did, and that's my fault."


The 2014 NCAA Men's Tennis Selection Show will be on April 29 at 5 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on NCAA.com. The top 16 seeded teams will receive the right tohost a regional and the First and Second Rounds at their home site. Entering this week's SEC Tournament, Kentucky was No. 12 in the latest Intercollegiate Tennis Association rankings.


Texas A&M got two wins in the doubles on courts one and two to clinch the early lead for the Aggies. On court one, the Wildcats' duo of Tom Jomby and Kevin Lai got ahead an early break at 2-0 but were broken right back at 4-4 and then found themselves down a break later in the match. Texas A&M then served for the match at 7-6 and won 8-6. Beck Pennington and Alejandro Gomez were unable to hold serve in an 8-1 loss to No. 66 Harrison Adams/Shane Vinsant on court two.


Kentucky would fire back in singles taking three first sets, and only needing to flip one court as the Wildcats won the first set on courts one, two and five. Grant Roberts on court six was up 5-4 in the tiebreak on court six after dropping serve at 5-4 in the first set and lost the last three points to drop the set.


Kevin Lai tied the match at 1-1 overall as he beat Jackson Withrow 6-2, 6-4 on court five to square the match. Lai went ahead an early break in the first set and then served out the win, before leading 5-4 in the second set and breaking Withrow for the first time all set to collect the 6-2, 6-4 win on court five.


Texas A&M would then collect singles wins on courts four, six and three to close out the match.


On court four, Jerry Lopez was up a break early in the first set at 4-3, but lost three of the last four games of the set to fall 6-4 in the opening frame. Lopez then dropped serve early in the second set, as Texas A&M won the match there on four.


In court six, Grant Roberts was ahead at 5-4 and serving for the first set, but was broken to force five all and after two service holds, the opening set would go into a tiebreak. Roberts was up 5-3 in the tiebreaker, but lost the last few points and the set. In the second set, Roberts was broken twice and lost the second frame, 6-1.


The clinching match came on court three as Beck Pennington dropped a tight two-set match to No. 57 Jeremy Efferding 6-4, 7-6 (1). Pennington was receiving in the second set at 6-5, but broke at love to collect the game and force a tiebreak. Pennington held for the 1-0 lead but lost the next seven-straight points tofall 7-1.


Tom Jomby and Alejandro Gomez both won their first sets, but lost their second sets as both matches on courts one and two were in third sets at the time of theclinch. Jomby was on serve at 3-2 and Gomez trailed a break at 1-3 when thematch was clinched.



SEC Tournament - Quarterfinals

(2) Texas A&M 4, (3) Kentucky 1

Curry Tennis Center - Nashville, Tenn.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Match Duration: 3:01


Doubles (Order offinish: 2, 1*)

1- No. 5 Junior Ore/Jackson Withrow (TAMU) def. No. 39 Tom Jomby/Kevin Lai (UK) 8-6

2- No. 66 Harrison Adams/Shane Vinsant (TAMU) def. Beck Pennington/Alejandro Gomez(UK) 8-1

3- Nils Ellefsen/Ryuji Hirooka (UK) led No. 78 Jeremy Efferding/Jason Szabo (TAMU) 6-4 (DNF)


Singles (Order offinish: 5, 4, 6, 3*)

1- No. 11 Tom Jomby (UK) led No. 14 Harrison Adams (TAMU) 6-4, 4-6, 3-2 (DNF)

2- No. 23 Shane Vinsant (TAMU) led No. 80 Alejandro Gomez (UK) 6-7 (5), 6-0, 3-1

3- No. 57 Jeremy Efferding (TAMU) def. Beck Pennington (UK) 6-3 7-6 (1)

4- Junior Ore (TAMU) def. Jerry Lopez (UK) 6-4, 6-3

5- Kevin Lai (UK) def. Jackson Withrow (TAMU) 6-2, 6-4

6- Jordan Szabo (TAMU) def. Grant Roberts (UK) 7-6 (5), 6-1


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Future Wildcats Shine In Jordan Classic

04/18/2014 11:55 PM
Future Wildcats Shine In Jordan Classic

There are four players in the UK Basketball class of 2014 and all four were invited to take part in the annual Jordan Brand Classic. This year's game was in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Power forward, Trey Lyles, had the most points out of the four. The Indianapolis native scored 17 and pulled down 6 rebounds. The 6'10" Lyles also hit his free throws in the all-star game.

While his stats may not have looked all that impressive, Karl Towns, opened some eyes with his athleticism and passing. Early in the game, off an in-bounds pass, the seven-footer fired up a three pointer. In the second half, Towns received a pass and quickly whipped it downcourt behind-the-back to a teammate for a lay-in. Towns finished with 7 points, 7 rebounds.

Point guard, Tyler Ulis flirted with getting a triple-double in the highest scoring game ever at the Jordan Classic. The 5'9" Ulis finished with 9 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists. He shows some quickness on the court.

Shooting guard, Devin Booker, was also able to get some buckets. He hit a late step-back three pointer to finish his night with 11 points and 5 rebounds.

Just in case you were wondering, Towns and Lyles were on the winning East squad. Booker and Ulis were on the West. The final score was East 158 West 147.

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Some of The Stories You'll See Tonight On LEX 18 News At 11... April 18, 2014

04/18/2014 10:21 PM
Some of The Stories You'll See Tonight On LEX 18 News At 11... April 18, 2014

Michael's stores, the popular craft chain, has confirmed a data breach first reported in January in which up to three million credit cards may have been compromised. Three wolf dogs got out of the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge in Jessamine County, and one is still on the loose. Plus, a judge threw the book at two brothers for sex crimes against children.

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'50 To 1' Cast, Crew Host Meet And Greet At Keeneland

04/18/2014 08:34 PM
'50 To 1' Cast, Crew Host Meet And Greet At Keeneland

A true Kentucky Derby story hits theaters Friday.

It's about the long shot Mind That Bird and even if you don't know thoroughbred racing, you may recall the story about the horse that wasn't supposed to win.

In a monumental upset in American thoroughbred racing, Mind That Bird won the 2009 Kentucky Derby with 50-to-1 odds.

Best known for directing ‘Dances With Wolves', Jim Wilson bring to life '50 To 1' in a full feature film.

With the movie opening up this week, it was brought out to Keeneland with the whole cast for a meet and greet.

"I've read a lot of screenplays, hundreds and hundreds, but this story just fell off the truck. I said I had to make this," Wilson said.

The cast and crew took a 1,700 mile journey up through New Mexico with the last stop before the big debut to Lexington.

"It's been incredible especially when you bring it to people who really know it," Wilson said.

Based on the true story, the film features a misfit group of New Mexico cowboys who find themselves on a journey of a lifetime when their crooked footed race horse qualified for the Kentucky Derby.

Actor Skeet Ulrich said this film brings light to not only horse racing, but the American dream.

"Their underdog status, I think it's something a lot of America feels that you know you don't have a shot, but you got to keep going and paying the bills trying your hardest and to see someone who does that day in and day out and to succeed in the way that they did with Bird is heartwarming," he said.


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Neighbors React To Foul-Smelling Plant's Temporary Shutdown

04/18/2014 07:41 PM
Neighbors React To Foul-Smelling Plant's Temporary Shutdown

People in Russell County are breathing a little easier after a judge ordered the closure of a foul-smelling animal rendering plant.

The odor of dead animals coming from A&S Proteins in Russell Springs was so strong; it could be smelled for miles.

LEX 18 Investigates first covered the problem in February and neighbors said the media attention helped bring an end to the big stink.

For local resident Kayla Milby it's a breath of fresh air.

"I don't know how it feels to be in prison, but I felt released," she said.

Milby lives across the street from the rendering plant which chooks dead livestock and extracts the proteins and oils for animal feed and cosmetics.

The small business caused a big stink when it fired up its cooker in January and the odor carried as far as Russell Springs Elementary Schoool.

"There was a smell come out of there that was just unexplainable, unreal, just sickening," Damon McGaha said.

A&S Proteins was sued by the state, the county, the schools and neighbors back in March. Then a judge ordered the business to be closed on April 17 until the lawsuits are settled.

"It is a burden lifted off of our shoulders, a terrible weight lifted off of us," McGaha said.

The judge's order is temporary, but it's still good news for neighbors who said they've smelled rotten, dead animals day and night, inside and outside their homes.

Neighbors said it was roadblock after roadblock trying to get help from state and county officials until the media took an interest in their story.

"LEX 18 has done wonders to get the word out. We are so thankful that you all took the time to hear us. Nobody was really hearing us," Milby said.

There was little activity at A&S Proteins Friday. No plumes of foul smelling steam and no piles of dead animals.

For the people who live nearby, a reprieve from a months-long nightmare.

"Justice has been served, at this point. I know it's temporary, but hopefully the judicial center will see exactly how it is," Milby said.


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Wolf-Dogs Escape From Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge

04/18/2014 07:13 PM
Wolf-Dogs Escape From Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge

Neighbors are on edge in Jessamine County after an unusual escape.

Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge employees are out and actively searching for what they call a wolf-dog.

Apparently, three of these wolf-dog mixes were able to get out of the refuge off old U.S. Highway 127 Thursday afternoon.

Two of the three animals were tranquilized and recaptured, but one is still on the loose.

Animal control said the third wolf-dog seems to be hanging around a certain house on Christopher Lane where a dog recently had puppies, but so far they haven't been able to recapture it.

They said people in the area can stay with their normal activities as they continue searching but don't bother the wolf-dog if you happen to see it.



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Cash American Phone Scam Targets Woodford County Man

04/18/2014 07:09 PM
Cash American Phone Scam Targets Woodford County Man

A Woodford County man was recently the target of a phone scam.

Michael McIntosh said the scammers had all of his information and were threatening to put him in jail if he didn't payback a loan.

"They told me I was going to jail if I didn't pay $579 immediately," he said.

A man claiming to be Sheriff Jack Smith from New York County, New York said McIntosh owed on a Cash America payday loan.

But the truly scary part, McIntosh said they had his address, social security number and other private information.

"They actually were very convincing until I heard the charges," he said.

In an attempt to learn more information, LEX 18's Megan Moore made up a name and called the "sheriff".

Scammer: Yeah, hello this is Sheriff Jack Smith. I got a call from you, how can I help you?
Megan: I got a call about me owning something, about a payday loan.
Scammer: What's your name?
Megan: Sarah Johnson.
Scammer: Sarah Johnson...Yeah, Ms. Sarah I got your records. How are you?

After further introductions, that's when the "sheriff" started talking about the loan and other charges.

Scammer: There is a lawsuit filed against your name and that is a criminal charge on you.

He claims "Ms. Johnson" is facing theft and cyber crime charges and the matter of the loan as well.

Scammer: And finally you'll have to make a payment of $7,985 to the court execution fees.

If she doesn't pay, "Ms. Johnson" will get a zero on her credit score and her social security number will be blacklisted. But if she is unable to make that payment, another amount is given.

Scammer: If you make the payment of $590 your file will be closed and that will take care of all the matter. There will be no lawsuit against you. No charges against your name.

Woodford County Sheriff Wayne Wright said these scammers know what they're doing.

"It's real hard to understand what they're saying but the minute they try to instruct you about payment that is crystal clear," he said.

"Ms. Johnson" was then told what would happen if she couldn't pay the second amount.

Scammer: You will be arrested by your local sheriff.
Megan: And who is that?
Scammer: Yea...we will, we will transfer case to your local county sheriff's office tomorrow by 11 a.m. and you will be arrested. Do you want to make your payment or not?
Megan: How do I pay this?

The "sheriff" begins to get frustrated with the questions and that's when it gets ugly.

Scammer: So you want to resolve this matter?
Megan: Well, how do I do that?
Scammer: I'm asking you, (explicative). First of all do you want to make a payment or not?

"You know they don't care how much damage they do to you, they want your money," Sheriff Wright said.

After eight minutes on the phone, the scammer gives up on the call.

Scam investigators said to be careful about giving out your information online. Also, avoid free credit checks or sweepstakes. That information is often sold to these kinds of scammers.


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LEX 18 Investigates: Emergency Response To Chemical Hauler Crash Raises Questions

04/18/2014 07:04 PM
LEX 18 Investigates: Emergency Response To Chemical Hauler Crash Raises Questions

In areas close to airborne chemical threats - like Lexington is close to the Bluegrass Army Depot - the term "shelter in place" has a very specific meaning: stay inside, seal yourself off, wait for instructions.

So when authorities went door to door following a chemical tanker crash in January, telling residents to shelter in place, naturally people were scared.

However, records obtained by LEX 18 Investigates show that while Lexington residents were preparing for the worst, firefighters waited around for several hours for a clean-up crew to arrive.

And there are questions about the level of danger of Sodium Hydrosulfide, the chemical being hauled by the truck that wrecked. It's also unclear whether any of it leaked outside the truck.

LEX 18 first reported the wreck as breaking news in January. A Lexington police officer had stopped on Interstate 75, near the Paris Pike ramp, to help a driver whose car had stalled.

The driver of a tractor trailer hauling 14 totes of Sodium Hydrosulfide apparently didn't see the cruiser and smashed into it. The trailer overturned, shutting down I-75 for hours. No one was seriously hurt, and little else was reported on the incident.

However, documents dug up by LEX 18 Investigates detailed some of what happened next, and raised serious questions about how the incident was handled.

According to an incident report, a fire department hazmat response team was sent to the scene to assess the threat. They determined the chemical on board was Sodium Hydrosulfide, a common chemical used for leather tanning, pulp and paper bleaching, and mineral extraction.

Residents of a nearby subdivision gathered near a fence to watch the scene unfold. Firefighters thought they were too close for their safety, and asked police to tell them to go inside. That seems to be where the confusion started about the order to "shelter in place," Assistant Fire Chief Harold Hoskins told LEX 18 Investigates.

"I think that the intent was we wanted those folks standing in their backyard, that we felt like were a little closer to this incident than they should have been, just to go back in the house and be safe," he said.

According to the incident report, firefighters established an "isolation distance" of 100 feet "with residents on an adjacent residential street asked to shelter in place by 10/21."

Hoskins said "10/21" is a fire department code for police. He said he didn't know if any of the officers actually used the term "shelter in place" when asking residents to go back inside.

As for the usage of the term in the incident report, Hoskins said it was likely a "poor choice of words" by the person who wrote the report.

An actual shelter-in-place order - which typically indicates a serious, impending threat such as a chemical cloud - was never given, the assistant chief said. If it had been, all media outlets would have been notified. There would have been instructions to seal up your doors, vents and windows on weather radios and on TV.

However, word quickly spread that a shelter-in-place order had been issued. It reached the Lexington Division of Emergency Management, which coordinates emergency response during serious disasters, sending officials scrambling to figure out what was going on. Some said it even got all the way to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - others thought that's who issued the order.

"Somehow the term shelter in place got out. We didn't ask for it. How it got out, I have no idea," Hoskins said.

LEX 18 Investigates asked Mark Kaszniak, a senior recommendation specialist at the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, whether Sodium Hydrosulfide is dangerous enough to warrant a shelter-in-place order.

He said the chemical by itself is not particularly dangerous. However, Sodium Hydrosulfide creates a deadly gas if combined with an acidic substance - for example, leaking acid from an overturned vehicle's battery.

"It reacts with acids and other lower Ph materials," he said.

Which begs the question, why did the fire department let potentially threatening chemicals lay there for several hours until a cleanup crew arrived? The short answer appears to be "money."

The city has a contract with PECCO, a Nicholasville-based company, to clean up chemical accidents. PECCO was called to the scene shortly after hazmat officials arrived.

The city pays PECCO for its service, and then bills the trucking company for the cost of the clean-up. However, trucking companies don't always pay.

"Frankly in this day and age, you worry about somebody refusing to pay and then that cleanup bill somehow falls on the Urban County Government," Hoskins said. "And we don't want that to happen, but we also recognize now ... yes, we can have a little bit more input into how that cleanup goes on."

According to the incident report, the trucking company, Empire Express, sent PECCO away from the scene and told firefighters its own contractor, Evergreen, would handle clean up.

However, "several hours passed before Evergreen had the personnel on scene to begin clean-up," the document said. A spokesperson for Empire Express did not return a message for comment.

Meanwhile, a tow truck hauled the stricken tractor trailer to the side of the road, allowing one lane of traffic to be reopened.

Hoskins admitted the incident could have gone more smoothly. Specifically, he said, the department instructed its district majors to make sure such incidents are cleaned up more quickly.

He said the city's contract with the clean-up crew specifies they shouldn't wait more than 45 minutes for the trucking company's crew to arrive.

"A few hours, that does seem long. And that was part of our discussion with our district majors, that we still maintain enough control over the entire incident, from start to finish, to make sure it gets handled in a little more expedient manner," he said.



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Man Pleads Not Guilty To Two-State Chase Charges

04/18/2014 05:34 PM
Man Pleads Not Guilty To Two-State Chase Charges

The man who police say led them on a two-state chase that ended in someone's living room pleaded not guilty in the case.

Odis Arnold was spotted driving a stolen car in Dayton, Ky. Thursday morning. Police started following him and chased him into Union Township, Ohio, where he lost control of the car and slammed into a house.

Arnold charged with fleeing from police and endangering an officer.


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Fayette Mall Announces Three Additional Retailers

04/18/2014 01:33 PM
Fayette Mall Announces Three Additional Retailers

Fayette Mall announced Friday three new retailers coming to the facility as part of a major redevelopment project.

Mall officials said L'Occitane, Oakley, and Swarovski will open in early November with the grand opening of the renovation.

In March, Fayette Mall's parent company, CBL & Associates, announced the Cheesecake Factorya and Michael Kors would be two of the retailers joining the tenant mix as part of the redevelopment.

"The redevelopment of Fayette Mall and the high-end leasing activity taking place as a result will continue to push Fayette Mall to the next level," said Travis Farren Senior Leasing Manager. "The addition of these three retailers; which includes the first L'Occitane in the CBL portfolio, shows our continued commitment to offering our customers an unparalleled shopping experience."

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Carlisle Man Charged With Kidnapping, Burglary

04/18/2014 01:12 PM
Carlisle Man Charged With Kidnapping, Burglary

A Carlisle man is behind bars charged with kidnapping and burglary after police say a fight with his girlfriend got out of control.

Jeff Farrow was arrested after he allegedly broke into a home, dragged the woman out by her hair and drove away with her.

It all began late Thursday night in Carlisle where Jeff Farrow and his girlfriend got into an argument at an apartment. A friend of the couple who was also at the apartment tried to diffuse the situation and offered the woman a ride back to Clark County because he feared for her safety.

Around 4 a.m., police say Farrow showed up at that friend's Clark County home on Sewell Shop Road, pushed his way inside the mobile home and dragged the woman out by her hair.

The woman's friend called police and gave them the car's description and license plate number.

"He showed up here raising all kinds of hell with me and I told him not to go in my house and he did anyway. I went in, wrestled with him a little bit, we knocked the fridge over. He grabbed her by the hair of her head and drug her out of the house, so I called the law on him," said the homeowner who didn't want to be identified.

Clark County deputies tracked the car described to Carlisle where they found the victim unharmed, just shaken up and still with Jeff Farrow.

Farrow and his girlfriend went in to talk to deputies Friday morning. Farrow was arrested on a burglary and kidnapping charges.

"She could be more cooperative, and I'm sure she will be later when she thinks about this, but at this time, she's a little non-committal," said Berl Perdue.

The couple's friend says there a reason for that.

" [I] told them she probably wouldn't say much. She's probably scared to death of him which I don't blame her. He's a big ol' boy," he said.

Farrow is now in the Clark County Detention Center. He declined an interview with LEX 18 News.




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Veterans Honored With Free Tickets To The Derby

04/18/2014 12:34 PM
Veterans Honored With Free Tickets To The Derby

A group of veterans got a special surprise from a Kentucky whiskey maker - tickets to the Kentucky Derby.

The five veterans were selected from dozens of nominations. Each one had an inspiring military story.

They were told to come to Sullivan University for different reasons and were surprised with the tickets.

One man was told he was supposed to speak with students at the school, but that wasn't what happened. He still gave a message of encouragement for the people honoring him.

"Honor and duty comes from treating people the way you would like to be treated and continuing to spread enough positivity," said Michael Hayes. "It's not just pulling triggers and putting on camouflages. It's far beyond that."

The vets will be picked up on May 3 by a private driver and get a seat in the Early Times Mint Julep Box for the Derby. They will also get some betting money for the big race.


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Lincoln County Brothers Get Maximum Sentences In Sex Crimes Case

04/18/2014 11:07 AM
Lincoln County Brothers Get Maximum Sentences In Sex Crimes Case

A Lincoln County jury found two brothers guilty of several sexual offenses involving minors after an investigation by the Kentucky State Police.

James M. Robinson, 41, of McKinney was sentenced to life plus 220 years, the maximum sentence, following the three day jury trial.

His brother, Timothy Robinson, 36, of Kings Mountain was sentenced to life plus 70 years in prison.

A prosecutor with the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office called this one of the worst cases she's ever seen, but officials say they never expected the jury to return such a big sentence. In fact, the jury asked the sentences be run consecutively, but that's not allowed under state law.

The trial comes after a 10 year investigation by Kentucky State Police involving the Robinson brothers and sex crimes involving at least seven children. Four of those victims testified during trial.

Investigators say the nightmare of incest and sexual abuse was all too real in the Robinson family. Rhonda Robinson, Timothy's wife, is also serving time related to sex crimes. And their other brother, Clarence Robinson, is also serving time for raping a minor.

James Robinson was charged with seven counts of use of a minor in a sexual performance, five counts of sexual abuse first degree (victim under 12) and two counts of sexual abuse first degree.

Timothy Robinson was charged with sodomy first degree (victim under 12), incest (victim under 12), and use of a minor under 18 in a sexual performance.

While the Robinson brothers trial has come to an end, investigators say this is still an active investigation and more charges could be brought against the Robinson family.


In the above photo: James Robinson




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KSP Searches For Leads In Clay County Death Investigation After Hunters Shot

04/18/2014 10:59 AM
KSP Searches For Leads In Clay County Death Investigation After Hunters Shot

Kentucky State Police are still looking for leads in a death investigation out of Clay County after one man was shot and killed, and another hurt while they were out hunting Thursday morning. 

KSP in London said Brian Griffin, 28, Jason Roberts, 21, and Chad Bullock, 21, all of Manchester, went turkey hunting into a wooded area off HWY 638 in Clay Count when shots were fired in their direction around 7:30 a.m.

Police believe that an unknown hunter was in the same area and fired in the direction of the three men striking two of the them.

Officials are calling it a "death investigation."

Griffin was transported to Saint Joseph-London Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Roberts was flown from the scene to the University of Kentucky Medical Center where he is being treated for his injuries. Bullock suffered no injuries.

There are no suspects or persons of interest at this time, according to police, and anyone with any information regarding this investigation is asked to contact the Kentucky State Police.


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Man Hurt In Scott County Crash

04/18/2014 06:37 AM
Man Hurt In Scott County Crash

A man suffered injuries in a single-vehicle accident in Scott County Friday morning.

Police say the man was driving along Newtown Pike when he lost control. The truck plowed through a fence and then flipped over an embankment. EMS took the driver to the hospital for treatment. Officials said his injuries appeared non-life threatening.


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Two UK Students Charged With Trying To Torch Car

04/18/2014 05:42 AM
Two UK Students Charged With Trying To Torch Car

University of Kentucky police arrested two students they say tried to set a car on fire Wednesday night.

Firefighters responded to Commonwealth Stadium just before 9 p.m. and found a cardboard beer case burning underneath a car. Firefighters quickly put out the fire, and the vehicle only sustained some minor damage.

Officers arrested Cullen Gallaher, 18, and Ian Baughman, 19, on Thursday and charged them with arson. According to court documents, Gallaher told officers he did it because he wanted to get rid of the beer carton. Police say Baughman told officers he thought it was funny.

Police say charges are pending against a third person.

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said surveillance cameras led them to the suspects.

"Our new camera system that provides extensive coverage of campus was again instrumental in assisting us with the identification of suspects in solving this crime quickly," he said.


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Missing Lexington Man Found Safe

04/18/2014 05:03 AM
Missing Lexington Man Found Safe

Police say they have found a man who was reported missing Thursday.

Officials say William Etherton, 72, went missing around 3 p.m. Etherton has Alzheimer's.

Family members told police they thought he might head to Grayson County, even though he had not driven in years. That's where officers found him Thursday night, safe at his son's home.


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Dozens Of Shots Fired, Homes Hit In Lexington Neighborhood

04/18/2014 04:52 AM
Dozens Of Shots Fired, Homes Hit In Lexington Neighborhood

Lexington police say bullets hit at least two homes during a gun battle on the city's north side Thursday night.

Neighbors in the area of Scottsdale Circle and St. Johns Court in the Hollow Creek area reported hearing gunfire at around 11 p.m. Responding officers say they also heard several shots. Police say they spotted two men running away from the area, and officers found them behind Consolidated Baptist Church a short time later. Police say Vondre Smithers, 19, had a .38 special on him.

Investigators say they found nearly 30 shell casings both in the street and between homes in the area. They also found a handgun in some bushes. Two houses on two different streets had bullet holes in them.

There were no reported injuries.

Witnesses say they saw several men get out of a car just before the shooting started. Officers found a vehicle like the one described with ammunition inside, but no sign of any suspects.

Police arrested Smithers and charged him with carrying a concealed weapon. According to court documents, he admitted firing a shot.


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Jodie Meeks Set To Graduate

04/17/2014 11:56 PM
Jodie Meeks Set To Graduate

According to Lakers reporter, Mike Trudell, former UK Basketball player, Jodie Meeks, will graduate from Kentucky on May 10th with a marketing degree.

Meeks just finished up his 2nd season in Los Angeles by averaging 15 points while starting in 70 of the 77 games he played in for the Lakers. The shooting guard is now a free agent and not sure if he's re-signing with the Lakers during the off-season.

Meeks left after his Junior season at UK and has been returning to Lexington during the summer months to take courses he needed to graduate. He's hoping to start a business of his own after his basketball career comes to an end.

Meeks said when he left UK early, he made a promise to himself and his parents to go back and get the degree so he would be prepared for the rest of his life whenever his professional career ended. His father works for Microsoft and his mother is a book keeper at a school in Atlanta.

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Some of The Stories You'll See Tonight On LEX 18 News At 11... April 17, 2014

04/17/2014 10:19 PM
Some of The Stories You'll See Tonight On LEX 18 News At 11... April 17, 2014

One man is dead and another is seriously injured, after they were shot while hunting this morning. And Kentucky State Police say they aren't sure if this was an accident. UK Police have an arson investigation on their hands.They say Wednesday night, someone tried to set a car on fire in Commonwealth Stadium's parking lot. Also, a Lexington principal is doing damage control over a letter that went home to parents. And why an Eastern Kentucky University dorm building was evacuated early Thursday morning.

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