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Jen Brown

Content and Intern Manager
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Bio: I'm an old soul who loves food, bourbon, beer, art, history, art history, microcosms, mysteries, adventures, people watching and our fair city.

2001 UK Grad with a BA in Art History, 2012 BCTC Certificate of Graphic Design.

Was an administrative professional in a former life, but always wanted something more artistic, now I've found my niche.

What are you most proud of and/or favorite part of being at TOPS: mag layouts and anytime I'm the creative lead

Favorite food or drink: Food - donut | Drink - W6th Belgian Blonde

A few hobbies or interests: drawing, painting, but more frequent - sarcasm

What would surprise most people to find out about you?: I'm a closet romantic, I love Legend of Zelda, grew up shy