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Niki Dillman

Advertising Account Executive
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Bio: After working in the finance industry upon graduating from the University of Kentucky, fate took it's course and I found this fun and amazing job at TOPS! I have a supersized dog a Great Dane named Chandler, that is my only child and never gives me a dull day.

What are you most proud of and/or favorite part of being at TOPS: My favorite part, other than working with these crazy group of girls, are the wonderful people I get to meet along the way!

Favorite food or drink: All things breakfast.

A few hobbies or interests: Well since this isn't a dating website, I'll just be brutally honest- binge watching Netflix. Traveling, baking, and exercising comes second.

What would surprise most people to find out about you?: I once won a buttermilk chugging contest. It didn't end so well for me.