Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bacon and Bourbon with Commonwealth Cure

6:30PM - 8:30PM
Location: MESA
Address: 216 Pearl St, Louisville, KY 47150
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Bacon 3-ways w/Bourbon 6:30pm-8:00pm Do we really need to say more...Bacon and Bourbon :) Commonwealth Cure is built on Austin and Michele's love of Louisville and meat. They together have sought out the finest pigs, sheep and beef and poultry to cut, grind, mix and stuff. You wont see any fillers or scientifically made sugars in any of our products, just the finest spices and seasonings. With the help of our farmers and yours, we celebrate each animal that comes through our doors one bite at a time. Austin Cummins Growing up a midwest rambler, Austin has a set pair of roots dueling south central Oklahoma and Henry County Kentucky. While finding out food was his passion and cooking the outlet, most of his experience is from this great city of Louisville. Learning in fine dining and cafe settings seeing high quality food was every day and raising it with his grandparents at Wooded Hollow Farm, a lifestyle. With an Obsession to master all forms of food preservation, Salami and Sausage making had the strongest allure of mysticism and magic. Due to the endless amounts of reading, couch surfing, travel and working with masters such as Chriss Eley, Commonwealth Cure has now become a reality to give Louisville a sausage it has never tasted before. Michele Hill If you talk to her long enough you can hear that sweet Dallas, Texas twang come out now and again. Dabbling in dentistry in Texas and Colorado it was by a mere coin toss she ended up settling in Louisville. From doctors offices to the front of the house the bluegrass showed Michele what good food was and what it meant to people.

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