Sauvignon Blanc

88% Sauvignon Blanc, 12% French Colombard • Appellation 100% California

This Sauvignon Blanc is thoroughly refreshing, with aromas of guava, papaya and pear. These enticing characteristics are followed by vibrant citrus notes of grapefruit and lime on the palate, which enhance the wine’s juicy body and highlight its crisp, balanced acidity.

A suitable pairing for this Sauvignon Blanc is a light vegetable salad, an assortment of aged cheeses, mild white fish or roast chicken with a simple, classic marinade. While not a pairing, per se, we love this wine made up into sangria because of it’s citrus quality.

Serve up Sangria


25 ounces/750 ml. bottle of
Leese-Fitch Sauvignon Blanc

1 lemon* (cut into wedges)

1 orange* (cut into wedges)

2 tablespoons sugar

11/2 ounces brandy

2 cups ginger ale


Pour wine in the pitcher and squeeze the juice wedges from the lemon and orange into the wine.

Toss in the fruit wedges (remove seeds first, if possible) and add sugar and brandy.

Chill overnight to combine the flavors.

Add ginger ale or club soda just before serving.

If you'd like to serve it right away, use chilled wine and serve over  ice.

*You can also add any sort of fruit you like.